Two wheeler insurance bike
Have you ever taken your car? So, while taking the car, you only insure your bike or car. If you want to own your car or bike insurance by yourself. So you post right

Are studying In this article, we will tell you very well that the insurance of your bike
How to do it

Insuring a bike or car will benefit you if your car is stolen or
gets accident So the company will give you the price of your stolen vehicle.

If you want to insure your car, then you should read this post or article from beginning to end.
I will tell you completely how you can insuranace your car or bike.

How to do bike insurance

You can insure your bike through the digital service portal.

First go to the website Login

You have to click the option of insurance.

Now you have car insurance or bike insurance

Now you will get two opson if you want to do car insurance, then click on the opson of car insurnace, if you want to do bike insurance then do it on opson of bike insurance

After this click on motor third party

Click on the motor third party's opson

Now select company

After this, you will come to the list of many Sarai companies, you have to select a company.

Now you must have written click on it to login

After that, a new page will open, click on that login details

motor third party

After that you will open another new page, click on the opson of the motor third party.
Near insurance will come and fill it completely.

Enter vichcle number

Now you will ask your vichle number, you give the correct number of your bike
And click on opson next click.

enter vechile detials

As soon as you enter the number of the vehicle, you will come to the Sari information related to the car, what is your initiative?
Was from the company. Now you will see how much money you have to pay for insurance.

Procedure to payment option click

You have to pay as soon as you click. And as soon as you pay, you have to wait a few seconds.

after payment

After payment, your policy number will be shown. You can save your insurance paper. Or print it out.

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