Marry christmas 25 December. Happy marry Christmas
Christmas, we observe on 25th December because Christmas is an important festival of Christianity. Christmas whole

It is celebrated in the world. On this day, we have a holiday throughout the entire festival.

This is an important day for Indian Christians. But this Christmas festival, non-Christians are also very popular

  is celebrated. The Christmas festival was first recognized in Rome. On this day people

Gives gifts and hugs to everyone. Christmas is a festival that is celebrated throughout the festival.

This festival is the biggest festival of religion because Issa Mashi was born on this day.

Due to which people always consider him 25th of December as Christmas day. On Christmas, there is a holiday throughout the entire festival.

This festival is held every year in India. It is recognized as a Jasan. In which the Christian of Bharata has an important day. But even non-Christians believe it as Christmas is a full festival

Important festival. According to Indian tradition, we decorate Christmas as a tree and in it

Light bulbs are installed. Lots of sari gifts give each other a similar look

Happy remains happy around the day. Christmas is a festival in which people sing and dance.

And enjoy the days of Sardivea in a different way. This Christmas is golden opportunity.

The children left around this happiness are happy that day. Christmas is a festival not only in India

Rather, we believe in complete immersion. The first Christmas was held in Rome from that day onwards.

Christmas is always celebrated every year and in a different way, Christmas in those cold Sardivos.

On Christmas day, the entire visv is immersed in Jasan. Santa clouse save every single child

Let's wait Boys cover TV Dhekhar Sapna. Martyr mero me on christmas morning

Santa arrives to give a clouse gift and I take my gift to the address, wishing for a Happy Christmas

On that day, psycho children are lost in a different world of dreams. And only Khusia is seen around Khusia because the whole visage is immersed in Khusi's NASA that day.

Christmas is such a special festival. Because Iska Mashi Mano lived at the time when Christmas

The night is such a unique night. Which is only prosperous. Mano at that time

Jannat is like happiness in the world of Sari. Some 5 days after Christmas ends on December 25

New Year starts, you can understand the importance of Christmas.

Christmas history

Christmas is the most important Purana festival of Christianity because on this day, December 25 is the birth of Issa Mashi

happened on. In his birth form, the entire festival is considered Christmas.

On this day, Christians start to clean their houses too. Christmas preparations are done one day with puzzles and all the people decorate their houses. Various types of food, sweet dish etc.

Began starts to be made which starts a day before. This festival Christianity

The festival is of greatest importance. On this day Christians start decorating the house and new ones

They also buy clothes. On this day there is enchantment in Mano Markets and homes.

People pray in the church. The place is experienced by God.

In this India, people also plant Christmas trees in their villages. And people feeding each other cake

Celebrate by feeding each other cake. All that remains is a santa clouse that day

Sailbright gives a gift. Wish Happy Christmas 2019 to Save Christmas That Day

We are eagerly waiting when the sun will come to us.

Who were santa clouse

Santa Nicholas was a very good person and he used to help the people. .The purpose of them

He only had to help people. Which he always helped people.

He was of European country. once upon a time. There was a man who has three daughters older

She had no money for her century. Santa Clouse who was a

A very nice person, all these are the fire-burning chimli in his house.

At the same time, he kept a bundle full of gold. That bundle will be found on the elder daughter of that person.

That gold bundle was very happy. The man marries his three daughters

Done it Which Santa Dhekhar was very happy.

Once upon a time, when all the people were going in the boat, then suddenly they moved forward in the sea.

Everyone started drowning when a man said that you remember Santa Nicholas, he will definitely come

Only then did all the men remember Santa Nicholas, only then did Santa Nicholas forward to the sea

After killing the blacksmith, he took the child of all people.

Since then people have known Santa Nicolas. Santa Nicolas has many such stories.

In which Santa Nicolas always comes and takes the lives of people. Santa nicolas a

He was a very nice person. He was always busy helping people. Santa nicholas's

There are many stories in which he has always helped people.

christmas wisesh 2019

we wish you marry christmas And a happy new year 

Good tidings we bring to you and kin. we wish you marry christmas And happy new year .

marry marry christmas happy new year 2019

Haappy marry marry christmas 2019 

wish for you .

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