11 cheapest KWfinder Alternatives SEO Tools Which (Free & Paid) 2020


Kwfinder Alternatives

Are You searching Best Kwfinder alternatives Seo Tools? In this Article 11 best Kwfinder Alternatives SEO  tools. Which help You with keyword research.

Thought Kwfinder is Great keyword research tools but not Ultimate keyword queries. In this article,

 I am telling you Kwfinder alternative tools. which is free Popular SEO tools and some Free tools.


Kwfinder is a free and Premium tool and the best keyword research tools. Kwfinder keyword research tool Develop by Mangools. 

You can use This tool Ultimate Long tail keyword discover.

If you want to try these Seo tools. This tool is not a free Plan. but Just For You. You can also Try These Seo tools for free for 10 days. 

In which 5 Lookups 24 hours, 25 related keywords and 10 competitor keywords You can research.

Click This Link Try Kwfinder free ( No credit care Required)

If you want to save money. You can Purchase Kwfinder From Mangools Annual Plan. in Which You can save 40%.

If you are thinking What is Mangools?

Mangools Develop by Kwfinder keyword research tools. If you want to Use Kwfinder so You need to Account for Mangoogls. 

If you want to try Kwfinder SEO tools. you will Gate 4 or Seo tools.

SERP checker: Search Engine Result Page. You use these tools to track keyword on the Google Search engine result page.

SERP Watcher: You use this tool. You can track keyword in google rank. How many positions Your keyword on google.

Link Miner: You use these tools. find high-quality backlinks. and Create their own website for backlinks.

Site Profiler: You can check the competitor website. Monthly organic traffic, keywords organic, referrals and etc.

Use This Link and Try Mangools 10 days free (And Use 4 More Seo tools.)

So if You are finding an Alternative to Kwfinder. Here below 11 Kwfinder alternatives. You can use these SEO tools.

1. SEMrush Best Kwfinder Alternatives

SEMrush dashboard

SEMrush is one of the best all in SEO tools. SEMrush has a Big Database of 19billion keyword research queries. 

SEMrush SEO tool uses Overworld Wide For Million People.

You use it SEMrush Competitive research, Keyword research, And Domain overview. SEMrush Also Offer Keyword Magic tools. 

Which help You easily keyword research.

If you Are finding Ultimate Keyword Research tools. I have Highly Recommande use These SEMrush SEO tools. I have been Using SEMrush best Seo tools For two Years. It is one of the Best SEO tools. If you want to Try SEMrush.

Click This Link And Start SEMrush 7 Days trial.

Here Are Some Features SEMrush Best Seo Keyword Research tools.

keyword research – You use these SEMrush features and Easily any topic keyword research. His keyword related 

You can See Search volume, Keyword difficulty, and More keyword related question.

Competitive Research – This Semrush features Easily competitor Research. You can see in Competitor research and Easily check How many backlinks Create another website.

Domain overview – Go SEMrush Just Enter Any Domain URL and Click Search. You can see website Related how many backlinks website, 

traffic trend, organic keywords and so on.

Backlink Analyze – You can use. Backlink finds Any website. Just enter the website Which finds backlinks. SEmrush show all website-related backlinks.

Traffic Analytics – These SEMrush features help. You can easily See Any Website traffic Reports and Main traffic keywords. Which More Traffic Send website.

Site Audit – You can fix and solve all website-related issue. As Technical issue, Content issue, Dupicalted Meta description and many more.

Link building tool – You use it Easily LInk building for own website and help this link building tools created hight quality link another website.


SEMrush Has Avialbe 3 Plans.

  • Pro Plan- Which Cost for you $99.95 Per Month.
  • Guru Plan- Which Cost for You $199.95 Per Month
  • Business plan- Which Cost for You $399 Per Month.

If you are finding the Best SEO keyword research tools and the Largest Database. I have highly recommended Go to SEMrush best SEO keyword research tools.

Use This Link and Start SEMrush 7 days Trail.

2. Serpstat

Serpstat is an Excellent Alternative to Kwfinder. This keyword research tool. You use it Growth hacking keyword research, PPC research And Camgian.

You use these tools Keyword research, Website analysis, backlink research and Many More.

Serpstat is all in SEO tools Which affordable.

Some Features Serpstat.

Keyword research ( Which help You find the best Long-tail keywords ideas that google on easy to rank.)

Backlink Analyze: You can analyze any website. Make high-quality backlink own website. You can analyze backlink Your competitive website.

Website Analyze: You can Anlaze any domain in the World. his Domain related to all data You can see easily. For example organic traffic, Main organic traffic,  referrals, backlinks etc.

Rank Tracker: help this features a ranking track on google keywords. You can easily check the website ranking on google.

PPC research: You can use these features PPC Camgian run.

Site Audit tool: You can easily optimize all site issue. Easily fix and solve the issue. Go to Serpstat dashboard and click the site audit tool. Just enter any website Url. Serpstat Generate his website related to all issue report in just a second.


Serpstat has currently Available 4 plans.

  1. Lite Plan Which Cost for You $69 Per Month
  2. Standard Plan Which Cost for You $149 Per Month
  3. Advance Plan Which Cost for You $299 Per Month
  4. Enterprise Plan Which Cost For You $499 Per Month

If you want to Try Serpstat Free for 7 days. Click the below link and try free 7 days Serpstat.

Use this link and Start Serpstat 7 days Trail.

If you are Confuse Which is the best SEO tools Serpstat and SEMrush. 

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is Another all In SEO toolkit. Which have a big database as SEMrush. Ahrefs has 10.2 billion keyword research queries. Ahrefs Provide 100% Accurate keyword research data.

You use these Ahrefs keyword research tools. You can discover Many keyword research for other search engine. For example Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Google etc.

Here Are Some Amazing features of Ahrefs Keyword research tools.

best kwfinder alternative to Ahrefs

Site Explorer- Easily analyze any domain You can see website-related all data as Organic traffic, keyword trend, Main organic keywords which More traffic send website, Referrals, How many backlink websites.

Keyword Explorer- Means keyword research Ahrefs is Accurate data keyword research. keyword related You can see search volume, CPC, Keyword Competition, How many backlinks Should Rank on google the first Position.

Content Explorer- You can Very easily Content Topic research. Just Go to content Explorer enter the topic and click search. Ahrefs generate Lot of content topic ideas to Which Your topic related to.

Site Audit Ahrefs-  You can easily see You website-related all issue. You can optimize Your site and fix or solve the issue. some types of issue as Technical issue, Content issue, Page loading speed issue and So on.

Rank Tracker- Position Track keyword on google. Just go to Ahrefs Dashboard and Click Rank tracker or ENter keyword ideas which track on google. You can track 10 keywords in with.

Domain Comparison- You can easily Domain compression one With 5 domain compassion Your own website. Domain You can easily check Comptoir keywords or Comptoir website keyword.


Ahrefs has available Currently for 4 Plans.

  1. Lite plan Cost You $99 per month.
  2. Standard plan Cost You $179 Per month
  3. Advance Plan Cost You $399 Per month
  4. Agency Plan Cost You $999 Per Month.

Though Ahrefs has not free and trial Plan offer. If you want to try Ahrefs 7 days train. You can try Ahrefs Payin for $7 and try 7 days.

Ahrefs is easy to use keyword research tools. This dashboard usability is very excellent. Ahrefs Greate Choice for newbie and bloggers.

Start Ahrefs Paying $7 and 7 days trial.

If you are confused SEMrush and Ahrefs Who best SEO tools. Don't worry. I am full review SEMrush vs Ahrefs Which is the best SEO tool.

You can read this Article - 9+ Greate Seo site audit Tools

4. Keyword tool.io (Freemium)

Keywords tool.ion Alternative to google keyword Planner. This tool is free and paid for both. You can use this tool to find better keyword ideas, Long tail keyword ideas, Keywords for SEO, and PPC Camgian.

How to keyword research keyword tool.io Go to keyword research tools and just enter any topic and click search.

keyword tool.io Generate a lot of keyword ideas You keyword related. You can keyword search volume, CPC( Click threw rate) keyword difficulty, trend etc.

Have a look at screenshot keyword research.

Best Kwfinder alternatives

As you can see screenshot. You can research keyword various other search engine Platform as Example google, bing, yahoo, Youtube and eBay.

here are Some features of Keyword tool.io

  • Accurate google and bing keyword research data.
  • Discover long-tail keyword ideas on any platform.
  • competitor research keyword
  • You can export all keyword ideas and .csv file
  • Offers You can use this filter and easily find keyword search volume.


Keywordtool.io Currently offer Three Plans.

  1. Pro Basic $69 per month when billed Annually
  2. Pro Plus $79 Per month When Billed Annually
  3. Pro Business $159 Per Mont when billed Annually

If you are not happy This keyword research tool. You can refund Your money in 30 days. if you want to try keyword tool.io keyword research tools. Click the below link and try.

Try keyword tool.io

5. SPYfu

Spyfu is all in SEO tools That offer You the Most competitive Keyword research. if you want to try Spyfu for Competitor research. this is the Best Compitioir keyword research tool just for You.

SPyfu Alternative to Serpstat You use these tools keyword research, Trascationl keywords and Mobile VS desktop.

Here Are Some features SPyfu Competitor Research.

  • This tool is not limited to domain research. You can search domain for unlimited. Without any Per day limit.
  • Keyword research You can search for keywords. Without any per day limited.
  • You can Check Your site Performance on Mobile and desktop.
  • keyword research data You can easily export in Pdf and save your computer.
  • You will get an Unlimited Backlink search. there are no limited keyword research tools.


SPyfu has Currently three Plans

  1. Basic ( Cost for You $33 Per Month When Paying Annually)
  2.  Professional ( Cost for You $58 Per Month When Paying Annulay}
  3. Team ( Cost for you $199 Per Month When Paying Annually)

SPYfu Offer for You. if You are Noth Happy this Plan. You will gate 30 days Money back guarantee. You can your account any time.

If you want to Try SPYfu Competitor research. and click the below link and Try SPYfu

Click This Link and Try Serpstat Today.

6. Ubersugget ( Freemium)

Ubersuggest is one of The Great Free Keyword research tools. This tool Develop  Niel Patel That is A SEO Expert. You use This tool for keyword research, Comptoir research, Site audits and so on. If You are thinking. How to keyword research on Ubersugget.

Most before Go Ubersuggest keyword research tool. Enter any keyword or Url and Click search.

This tool generates His keyword Related to all information. As search volume, CPC, Seo difficulty, How Many backlinks ranks on google etc. You can see the Screenshot below Keyword research.

Kwfinder Alternatives Free

Here are some Features for Ubersugget Free keyword research tools.

  • Domain Overview
  • Content ideas
  • Backlink data
  • Keyword Suggestion


Though Ubersugget keyword research tool absolutely free. but You can use This tool to limit keyword research. If you want to lot of keyword research. Go Uberusggeat Premium Plan.

Uberusgget Has Avialble 3 Plans.

  1. Individual Pan Cost You $29 Per Month.
  2. Business Plan Cost You $49 Per Month.
  3. Enterprise Plan Cost You $99 Per Month.

If are You finding the Best free Keyword research tools. so Go to Ubersugget Is the great free Keyword research tool. but limited time Keyword research. You can do it.

Click the below link and Try Uberusugget free.

Click this link Try Uberusgget Today.

7. Keyword Surfer ( Free)

If you are finding the best Chrome Extension keyword research tool. Keyword surfer is just for You. Keyword surfer free keyword research tools.

People use all world with 100,000. How to Add Chrome Extension in Chrome Browser.

Go Chrome extension and Search keyword Surfer and Click Add Chrome extension. Keyword surfer Provide service You can see related keyword on the google sidebar.

Keyword Surfer is Greate One of The best Chrome extension keyword research tools.

Here Is Some Features Keyword Surfer.

  • Keyword Surfer is not limit keyword research. You can search for Unlimited keyword ideas on google.
  • You can Check keyword Related Monthly search volume, CPC, And Keyword difficulty.
  • You can export keyword ideas in.CSV File and save them on the computer.
  • Offers for You keyword Surfer Provide database 70 Countries
  • You can Easily Find out Search volume, CPC and Keyword difficulty and keywords.
  • Provide data with Your Domain Estimated Organic traffic.


Keyword Surfer free keyword research tools. Which is a Chrome extension? You can Unlimited keyword research for free.

If You are finding Best free keyword research tool. Keyword surfer is a great Chrome extension tools. You just need to add a chrome extension and Easily use these tools.

8. Answer The Public

Answer the Public is the best Visual keyword research tools. This tool offers you to find hidden keywords ideas. Which is Google in Autocomplete?

You can Easily find Autocomplete keyword and ideas his keyword related as Questions. How to keyword Research Answer the public.

Go to Answer the Public Website And Just Enter Your topic ideas and Click search. Answer public lot of keyword ideas show just Second. his keyword related question and preposition show. You can see the below Screenshot gives.

Best alternative to Kwinder

Here Are Some Features Answer The Public.

  • You can do it. Unlimited keyword research without any limitation.
  • You can add a limited user to Your account.
  • Easily compare all data at any time.
  • You can explore the .csv file Your keyword very easy way and Save Your Desktop.
  • This tool doesn't offer keyword search volume, CPC, and Keyword difficulty.


You use it This Absolutely free. but if you want a lot of keyword research without any limitation. Go to Answer the Public Pro Plan.

Which Cost For You $99 Per Month. if you want to Purchase Answer the Public Anulay Plan. You can Save 20% per month. Your Monthly Price $79 Per Month.

if you are finding Easy use keyword research tool. Answer the just for You. Click the below link and Try the tool

Click This Link and Try Answer the Public.

9. LSI Graph ( Free)

Are You finding Best LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword research tools? Lsi Graph Just for You. You can use This tool Lot of Lsi keyword discover. LSI keyword Easy to rank on google.

How to Discover LSI keyword ideas. Go to LSI Graph And just Enter Your keyword and CLick Generate.

Lsi keyword Generator Just Second show Lot of Semantically keywords ideas with You can See Search volume, competition and etc. You can see the Screenshot below gives.

here are some features LSI Graph

  • You will gate Access Lot of keyword ideas in Abosulete free.
  • You can export Your keyword research too in the Pdf and.CSV File.
  • You Can See Easily LSI keywords Search volume, CPC, trend and Keyword Difficulty.
  • Latent Semantic Valu (LSV) help You can Choose High Revland keywords.


This too is Freemium tools You will get access to a well lot of keywords in LSI Graph. If you want More features Lsi graph keyword research tools. Go premium keyword research tools.

LSI Graph is Available 3 Plans

  1. LSI Graph Basic Plan Which cost you $27 per month.
  2. LSI Graph Premium Plan Which cost you $37 per month.
  3. LSI Graph Agency  Plan Which Cost You $37 per month.

Click This Link And Try Lsi Graph in free

1o. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Alternative to  Keywordtoo.io. This tool is the Oldest tool which tool is google Product. You can use this tool Run Ads Camgian for keyword research.

Though Google Keyword Planner, not Accurate keyword data. But This tool is 100% free. How to keyword research on google keyword planner.

Go to Keyword Planner and Just enter Your topic and Click search. You can select a country by keywords.

Free kwfinder Alternatives

Google keyword planner Show just a second lot of keyword ideas. Which you can see competitor this way. Low, high, medium, search volume 1k-10k, etc.

Here Are Some Features of Google keyword Planner.

  • if you are run ads on google You can use This tool PPC keyword research and Campaign.
  • You can see keyword related Search volume and Competition.
  • A with You can Search 5 keyword ideas.


This tool is Completely free use the tool. With these Two other tool, You can use do it. Below listed.

  1. Google Page Insight- You can Check website speed How many time open desktop or Mobile.
  2. Google Structures testing tool- You use it This tool Check website page. it is SEO friendly, Mobile friendly and User friendly check This tool to help.

Try google keyword Planner is free.

11. Seo Powersuite

Are You Searching Best KWfinder alternatives Seo Powersuite Just for You. This tool is all in the SEO toolkit. You use this tool You can analyze keyword research,

Backlink research, Website Analyze, rank Tracking and its auditing.

Here Are Some features For Seo Powersuite.

  1. Link assistant- SEO Powersuite These Features Help You can Check Any Website Backlinks.
  2. Seo Spyglass- Analyze website Help these tools. You can analyze a competitor or your own website.
  3. Website auditor- As SEMrush site audit like. Analyze Technical issue, SEO issue and Many more.
  4. Rank Tracker- Track keyword which ranking on google. Easily track any search engine in the keyword.


SEO Powersuite Available

  1.  Free Plan
  2. Professional Plan Which Cost For You $299 Per Year
  3. Enterprise Plan Which cost For You $699 Per year

Try SEO Powersuite for free.

FAQ Related Quesitong From KWfinder ALternatives.

1. Is KWfinder is Free?

KWfinder free no to use. But Just For You can grab Kwfinder best keyword research tool for start 10 days free trial. Here You can 5 lookups per 24 hours, 25 related and 10 competitors analyze per 24 hours.

SEMrush Cheaper Alternative

2. What are the best free keyword research tools?

Here are Some listed Best free keyword research tools. KWfinder free Alternatives

  • Ubersuggest Greate free SEO keyword research tools.
  • Keyword surfer Greate free Chrome extension tools.
  • Keywortool.io
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Lsi Graph is The Best Latent Semantic indexing keyword find.

3.  What is KWfinder Pricing?

Kwfinder develops by Mangoogls Avilabe have Three plans. Mangools Basic Plan Which cost You $49 Per Month. second plan Mangools Premium Which Cost for You $69 Per month,

Third Plan Mangools Agency Which Cost for You $129 Per Month. if you want to Try Mangools for free Start 10 days free.

4. What is The Two best keyword research tool? 

SEMrush And Ahrefs two Best all in SEO toolkit. Most Popular keyword research tools. If you want to try SEMRush all in SEO tools Start 7 days trail semrush.

Ahrefs is great tools Start Ahrefs paying $7 and 7 days trial.

If you are confused Which is the best SEO tools. You can read This Article Which is the best SEO tools. Semrush vs Ahrefs.

How do I find my competitors keywords for free?

Yes, You can Find Your Competitors keyword Free SEMrush Competetive keyword research and More information as You Competior keyword Who Postion rank on google. How many backlinks Create his Particular keyword rank doing. 


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