9 Expansive Best SEO Site Audit Tools: 2021

Best seo site audit Tools

9+ Best SEO Site Audit tools. Which Helps Your website SEO issue fine. I know Every newbie Struggling. And He writes great Content.

But his Website Not Google organic traffic comes website.

Do you know Why Your competitor ranks on google better? Because His website SEO issue is better. if You want to Rank on better google.

You should site the issue fine. 

These 9+ best SEO audit tools Help. Discover all site issues and fix them.

What is SEO Site Audit tools?

SEO Audit tools help the best Way to discover Site technical issues and SEO issues. SEO site audit such a process in which You can Find.

Why do Your website Not on google? You can check to solve site health issue, Technical issue, Crawblilty, Page load speed.

Site Audit help You can see the website Well fully optimize for the Search engine result page.

If You know ready to SEO audit tools More information. How to Site issue check on-site audit tools.

because In this topic Best Seo audits tools included. Which Help Your website well fully optimize Check. So you shall ready.

Some listed free SEO audit tools. his use any why charge. So let's go 10 best SEO audit tools.

1. SEMrush Seo Site Audit tools.

Semrush is the best SEO site audit tools. SEMrush is the Ultimate Choice. Why? SEMrush SEO tools use over worldwide 4 Million people.

I have using the SEMrush form for one year. If you are thinking. What is the best SEO site audit tools? Yes, Semrush is the best SEO site audit tools.

SEMrush Best SEO site audit tools Scan Your website 100+ Technical SEO and Check Your website health scores, Crawblity, Page load speed, Duplicate Meta description, Website loading, More things.

If you are thinking How to analyze a website SEMrush the best SEO site audit tools. go to SEMrush dashboard and Click SEO audit tools and just enter Your website URL SEMrush tools analyze website fast.

How to interface Look like SEMrush below screenshot.

Best seo Site Audit Tools

As You can see Screenshot all website SEO and technical issue Show. an as scroll down website see all website warnings and issues.

In fact, If are You create the SEmrush project this tool automatically analyze Your website. Site bar crawl page You can see all website SEO issue. as Healthy, Broken, Have an issue, Redirected, Blocked.

You can click crawl issue SEMrush shows Your website issue Url. You can click on the issue and identifying this page problem. You can fix and solve easily this tool help.

Best seo Site Audit Tools

As you can see Above Screenshot All my website issue. SEMrush Currently Showing My website SEO. in which Error issue showing 1, Warning 6 and Notice 11.

  • Error- This type of issue influenced Your website. You can solve this issue. You can see a better result in search engine.
  • Warning- This type of issue Not more influence. This is medium size Which all blog in lives.
  • Notice- This type of issue not a big issue. You can not solve the issue of this type it is normal.

So Why Are You waiting? Below link

Use This Link Start SEmrsh free 7 days trial.

How Much does it SEMrush Plan cost?

SEMrush Has Available Currently three Plans.

1. Pro Plan: This is the SEMrush Starter Plan. In this plan Wroth $99.95 Per month. Though SEMrush does not offer a free plan. But Just For You. You can use This plan for free.  Start SEMrush 7 days trail.

What features SEMrush Pro plan. You can Analyze 10k result per report, Result per day 300. You can track keyword per day 500, Page crawl 100,000, Project 5oo and also.

2. Guru Plan: if You want More Historical data. You can select This Plan. This plan Wroth $199.95 Per month.

What features SEMrush Guru Plan. This plan You can analyze 30K Result per the report, Result Per day 500, Project 50, keyword track 1500, Page Crawl 300,00.

You can also export Pdf Files for Your result. You can seclude Pdf report 20, Branded traffic and SEMrush Historical data.

3. Business Plan: This is SEMrush last big plan. This type of Plan for Big agencies. This Plan wroth is huge $399.95 Per month.

What features SEMrush Business Last Plan. In this Plan You can analyze 50K Result Per report, Result Per day 10000, Projects 200, Keywords track 5000, and Page Crawl 1,000,000.

You can also Pdf reports Export and save. You can Schedule Pdf 500, White level Pdf Reports, Historical data, Product listing ads, Multi-use management.

If You  All Detail SEMrush Tutorial review. You can read this article SEMrush reviews.

2. Ahrefs best SEO Site Audit tools.

Ahrefs is The Great SEO site Audit tools. This tool is a Lot of blogger and affiliate marketer. This tool helps You can analyze site audit in depth.

Ahrefs Is World most popular keyword research tools. if you want to Know.

How to analyze website Ahrefs Best Seo site audit tools. Go To Ahrefs dashboard and Click Site audit tools. Just enter Your website Url.

How to interface Ahrefs SEO site audit tools. Below screenshot give.

Best seo audit tool Ahrefs

As You Can See Above Screenshot. Ahrefs Show Data all website Issue and technical issue. In which Your website health score check. He includes More things.

example Your website health score, Crawbility, Total URL Error In website, External Page issue, Outgoing link, overall SEO score also more.

If You are thinking Ahrefs is the Best tools. Yes, Ahrefs is Great Seo Tools Which site audit and technical fast analysis.

How Much does it Ahrefs Plan cost?

Ahrefs has Avialbale Currently 4 Plans.

1. Lite Plan: This Plan is Ahrefs Basic  Plans Which wroth for You $99 Per Month. In which this Plan Features Access 1 users, 5 Project, 400 tracked keywords and 10k  Crawl.

This plan suitable for newbies.

2. Standard Plan: This plan is Ahrefs Second Plan Which wroth for You $179 per month. In which this plan features You can Asses 1 user, 10 projects, 1500 keyword tracked and 500k Crawl.

this plan suitable for a blogger.

3. Advance Plan: This Ahrefs Plan Which Worth for You $399 per month. In which this plan features You can access 3 users, 25 Projects, 5000 keywords tracked, 1.25 million crawls. This plan Is suitable for business.

4. Agency Plan: This plan Ahrefs last a huge. Which worth $999 per month. in which this plan You can assess 5 users, 100 projects, 10k keywords, 2.5 million crawls.

This plan is suitable for a big agency.

If you want to try Ahref free. Ahrefs though is not a Free tool use. But if you try 7 days $7 You can try. Click This link and Start Ahrefs Best Seo Site audit tools Click this link for 7 days $ 7 try.

If you are confused Semrush or Ahrefs in Who is the Best SEO tools. Dont'wory You can read This article SEMrush VS Ahrefs Review Which is the best SEO tools.

3. Site Audit for Serpstat

Serpstat Best SEO site audit tools alternative to SEMrush. This tool is all in SEO tools. though the Serpstat audit tool is not very popular.

But these tools are all in SEO tools. if you are thinking about how to SEO audit on Serpstat.

Most before going to Serpstat dashboard and click SEO audit tools. Just enter Your website Url.

Serpstat Show, you list Your website issue and technical issue. How to interface from Serpstat best SEO audit template tools. Below screenshot.

Serpstat audit tools
You can see the above screenshot In this My website analysis. You can see all issue show on my website. You can see meta tag issue, Heading, And Multimedia issue.

You can fix and solve all type of issue. The high Priority, medium and low priority. High priority website Checker issue influenced Your search engine result page ranking.

you can solve the high majority issue. website come better result for ranking.

Medium Priority- This type of issue not many influences Your website. And low Priority- This type of issue not everyone blog website in Live. You can solve it or not also.

Some types of technical issue Show Serpstat.

  • HTTP Status Code
  • Content issue
  • Accelabity and indexation
  • AMp issue
  • Broken links

How much does it SERpstat plan cost?

Serpstat has Available Currently 4 plan.

1. Lite Plan: This is a Serpstat Starter Plan form suitable for newbie. Which cost $69 per month.

and Provides Serpstat features 4000 keywords, domain analysis, 500 backlinks Analyze per day, 10 Projects and analyze and audit website 150000 Per month.

2 Standard: This Serpstat Plan which Cost for You $149 per month. And Provide Serstat with more features. 5000 keywords, Domain analysis, 1000 backlink Analyze Per day, 50 Project, and You can analyze website Pages 40000 Per month.

3. Advance: This Serpstat Plan cost You $299 Per Month. And Provide Serpstat features. You can work this Plan with 8000 keywords and domain analysis per day.

1500 Backlink Analyze per day. Or 75 Projects. You can analyze website pages 12,50000 Per month.

4. Enterprise: This Serpstat last plan Which Cost for You $499 per month.

And Provide Serpstat More features You can Anlazye this Plan 12000 keywords and domain analysis, 2000 Backlink Analyze Per Month, and 100 project track all time.

You can analyze the website Per page 2500000 Per month.

Why are You waiting? This Plan is free but Limited time use and research keywords queries. If you want to try Serpstat features. Click the below link.

Use this link and Start Serpstat 7 days free trial.

4. Ubbersuggest SEO Analyze in ( Free & Paid both)

SEO audit Neil Patel

Ubbersuggest Best Seo site audit Tool Free. this SEO audit help discovers well website good way to rank on google.

Go to Ubbersuggest and Click Seo analyze. Just enter Your website Url. This tool instantly shows Your website on-page SEO and all technical issue.

This way the screenshot below.

Free Audit tool Ubersuggest

As You see Screenshot? All website Technical issue and issue, This tool Show Your website-related issue Example critical issue, Warning and recommendation.

Most before Ubbersuggest show all types of issue. But You can solve a high issue. this type of issue influenced your google ranking.

Some features for Ubbersugget SEO site audit.

  • On-page SEO Checker
  • Site loading speed desktop  and Mobile
  • Top technical SEO and Recommendation
  • Health checks the Broken link, redirect etc.

How Much does it Ubbersugget Cost?

Ubbersugget Offers Currently 3 Plans

Individual- This Plan is Best For small business Which cost You $29 per month. You can add this plan to 3 Projects, 100 reports and 1000 Crawl.

Business-  This Ubersuggest Plan cost $49 per month. You can add this Plan 7 Projects, 300 projects And crawl Pages 10000 Per Month.

EnterPrise- This Plan is best for Big agencies and company. Which Cost for you $99 per month. You can add this Plan to 15 projects per month, 900 reports per day, and 100000 pages of Crawl Per month.

Click this link try Ubersuggest

5. SEOptimer is an SEO site audit free tool

Are you finding the Best free SEO site audit tool? SEOptimer is a greater Choice. This free tools Scan your website on all types of issue.

Go To Seoptimer and gives any Type of website Url and Click optimize. This website Just Second in show your all website-related is very easily.

Have a look at Screenshot

Seo Site audit Tools

As you can see Screenshot. SEOptimer shows You all website technical issues. Which ranking decrease website. You can easily this type of issue solve and site performance better on google.

Some types of the issue on the website

  • SEO: In this included Your website Content, tags. sitemap etc.
  • Usability: Check Your website is fully optimized. how usability score website desktop and mobile You can see easily.
  • Social: How many social Profile Link Your website. You can see many types of social linking account.
  • Security: You can see  Your website Security statures for example HTTP Redirect, Malware Protection etc.
  • Performance: You can check the How to Performance website. And Check website Page loading speed.

How much does it Cost SEOptimer? 

Though This tool is free. But You use it This tool Limited time to analyze website Url.  If You want to analyze more website. This Plan offers Currently Three Plans.

Diy SEO- Whose Cost for You $19 per month. You can analyze 4 website Crawl Per month along with an Unlimite website review.

White label- Whose Cost for You $29 per month. You can Analyze 8 website Crawl per month along With unlimited website reviewer. You can export Your Pdf report and save Your computer.

White label Embedding- Which cost You $59 per month. You can analyze and Crawl 50 per month.

in this along with Unlimited website review and check which You can Save Your pdf report on the computer. Try Seoptimer in free

6. Google Search Console (free SEO site audit tool)

Google Search Console Is a Powerful and Best Seo site audit tools. If you want to use these tools. You want website Property to google search console. When Use these tools.

You can Check Your website Important data As Example Breadcrumb issue, Amp issue, Mobile Usability, Mobile friendly etc.

Though Google Search Console Not Depth Url Review then this is a google product. These are the best tools.

How to Check Website issue.

Go to Your google search console Property and click Url inspection. He gives Url Your blog. You can see the website-related issue. Some in this screenshot,

seo site audit tools

You can use this website Url Check You website in google index happen. You can Check Page mobile friendly and Bread cums error.

Try google search console

How much does it Cost Google Search console?

I tell You. the google search console is a completely free tool to use. just Your account in google search console. Some and Google Search Console free tools.

  • Page Speed Insights- You use these tools which are completely free tool. You can your website page sped and he is mobile-friendly check and etc.
  • Structure Data testing tools-  This tool helps Diagnose issue on your website. it is free to use.

7. Moz Pro Best Seo site audit tools

Moz is a Very big and great Seo tools. These tools help Your website SEO Crawl. how to check the website in Moz.

Just go to Moz and Click Site Crawl and enter Your blog website Url. Moz all issue show Your website related.

You can see site Crawl Overview How many page Crawl, New issue, issue by category, warning and website total issue. here How to look screenshot below.

You can see the screenshot of Moz steel website-related issue below listed.

  • Critical Crawl Issue
  • Redirect issue
  • Content issue and more
  • Metadata issue.

How Much does Moz Pro Cost?

Moz Pro Currently Available 4 Plans.

Standard: This is Moz Pro first and Basic Plan. Which cost You $99 per month. Where You will get Moz pro features. You can create 3 campaign And 40000 Pages Crawl Per month.

Large: This Plan Cost $149 per month. Where You will get Moz Pro Features. You can create 10 pages and 2 million Crawl pages Per month.

Medium: This Plan Cost $249 Per Month. Where You will get Moz Pro features: You can create 25 pages and 5 Milion Crawl Pages Per month.

Premium: This plan Moz pro last and big plan. Which cost You $599 per month. You can create 40 projects and 10 million crawl pages Per Month.

Click this link Start Moz Pro Trial

8. Site Analyzer Seo Tools

Site Analyze another Best SEO site audit tools. Which offers You can Check website 360-degree Move. how to check the Site analyzer.

Go to Site Analyzer And Just Enter your Website Url. Site analyzer shows Your website-related issue. here How to look at the site analyzer overview. below gives Screenshot.

seo tools 

You can see above Screenshot site analyze show all My website-related issue. in which included information likes.

  • Indexation issue
  • Duplicate Url
  • Content issue
  • Page Speed issue
  • Broken URLs
  • Exploration issue.

How much does it cost a Site analyzer?

The site analyzer currently offers 4 Plans.

Starter: This plan First plan for the Site analyzer. Which cost You $49 Per Month. Which features site analyzer 1 website, 10 k page crawling and 100 Landing Pages.

Pro: This plan Cost for You $115 Per Month. which features site Analyzer 10 website, 100 k page crawling, and 100 Landing Pages.

Agency: This Plan Cost for You $232 Per Month. In which features site analyzer 50 website, 500k pages Crawling and 1000 planning pages.

Reseller: This Plan Cost for You $599 per month and last or big plan. In Which features site analyzer 200 websites, 1 million Page crawling and 10 k Landing Pages. You can access this plan with 20 users.

Try site analyzer 14 days free trial

9. Woo rank Site Crawl

You can use This woo rank site Crawl Check Website Related all issue. How to Check website issue. go to Woorank site crawl and just Type in Your blog Url. You can see all website-related issue show.

This tool You generate website all issue report. Have a look Screenshot gives below.

Seo Audit tools example

 Woo rank some flowing thing.

  • Content issue
  • Mobile related issue
  • Structures data
  • Security issue
  • Backlink Issue 
  • Social profile

Some benefits Use this woo rank site audit tools.

  • You can easily track the website ranking Keywords search engine result page.
  • Website reviews are automatically refreshed per day.
  • You can use this chrome extension and easily check any website of site audits.

How much does it cost Woorank?

You use it. this tool is free. but limited time You can analyze site audit. If you want More website analysis and Comptoir data. You can go Woorank premium plan. This tool has available Premium Plan two.

Pro Plan:  This plan cost You $59.99 Per Month. Where You can analyze the website 2500 Pages, 1 Project, and 50 keywords.

Premium Plan: This Plan Cost You $179.99 Per Month. Where You can analyze website 10k Pages, 5 websites, track 250 keywords, and Unlimited Pdf export. Try Woorank Site audits tools

10.  Website Seo Checker Best SEO site audit tools.

If You looking best SEO Checker free tool. so Websiteseo checker Just for You. How to check the website issue.

Go to Website SEO checker and Just enter Any website Url and Click site audit. Just second in Generated all Your website-related show.

Some features Woorank Website You can discover.

  • You can analyze external and internal links.
  • You can test Your website speed.
  • Perform the audit and meta tags.

How much does it Woorank site audit tools?

It is a completely free tool. You can use this tool for a free lifetime. but if you More data Analyze it on the website. go to this website Premium Plan. Which cost You just $9 Per Month.

FAQ Related Question on Best SEO Site Audit Tools.

1. Which is the Best SEO Site Audit Tools?

I shall recommend You. You can use These tools. It is all in One SEO tool in SEMrush. Because SEMrush has big database keyword research queries in 18.9 billion.

I have been using SEMrush for two years. If you want to Try Semrush free. Use This link Start SEMrush 7 days trail.

2. Who is The Best Seo site audit tools? ( which is free)

Here are Some listed best free audit tools. 

  • Ubersuggest is The best Seo site audit tool (freemium)
  • You can try Seoptimer is the best audit tool ( free)

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