10 Free blog Submission Sites list 2021 [High DA]

blog submission sites

 Are You searching? In 2021 Free blog submission sites list. If yes, You are in the right place. In this article, I am sharing about 10 free blog submission sites list. That improves Your blog website Traffic and ranking.

You already reading many articles. Many people give 100, 200, and free blog submission sites. But this article I am giving You 10 high-quality free blog submission site list. That really helps Your blog ranking.

If you are looking for the best way to build quality links. That improves Your Ranking. that is the best way to build high-quality links That free. You already know What is off-page SEO?

That very important for Your blog and website. But many people do not drive More traffic on google. Why? They do not create high-quality backlinks.

But, Today for You 10 Free blog submission site list. That helps Your website ranking give quality traffic to the blog.

What is Blog submission sites?

Blog Submission site That You can submit Your blog/blog post Url in which boost Your traffic on blog and Improve your ranking on google.

Through many ways, You can create a backlinks/links website This is easiest to get high-quality backlinks also High authority sites.

Please note- You can not submit Your blog That blog submission not active. If You submit these types of blogs for Your website bad. Because Today I shall give you 10 high Da Pa free blog submission sites and other 75 blog submission sites lists.

If you are thinking? Blog submission sites help You ranking and increase blog traffic and Authority. Yes, This helps You. but You can make backlinks also another way.

Which google not penalize Your website. If you submit Your blog/ and blog post link without checking If this website active or not. That for Your website Bad.

One More blog submission site We say That submit Your blog link to another website and For Your website get backlinks do follow or Nofollow backlinks for Your Particular blog Url.

How to Submit Website link in Free blog submission sites?

If you have not ideas How to submit free blog submission sites. I tell You a simple step You can submit Your website free get high-quality backlink high authority domain sites. When You can submit Your blog Url Google search console. Then google crawl website then index Your article on google ranking on google.

These are the simple steps that improve Your ranking. Your Particular Website link on Many backlinks Google always rank 1st page because Backlinks Most factors rank on google.

If you want to improve Your ranking get quality backlinks. Blog submission the best way to get backlinks. Simply You can check the particular website in which submit Your blog URL,

Check domain authority, check This particular website Traffic and active not active. Then submit Your blog URL. When helpful for your website improve SERP ( search engine result Page)

Why Should You submit sites blog submission site?

If You are thinking? Why am I time spend blog/Url submit blog submission sites? I tell you about You. It helps Your ranking on google. Pass link juice other high authority domain name and You get High-quality backlinks.  below gives a Lot Of reasons.

There are lots of reasons Why should submit blog Url free blog submission sites.

  • Backlinks- You already know Off-page SEO is a very important factor rank on google. That includes google 200 ranking factors You now know You check Here. In which backlinks. You have cannot rank on google without any high-quality backlinks. If you submit Your blog/Url to a free blog submission site. You get high-quality backlinks for Your website.
  • Increase Traffic - When You can submit Your blog on a free blog submission site. You get free traffic. You get thousands of visitors to read blog high domain blogs. In which submit Your blog/Url Some visitor visit Your website. You get free traffic.
  • Increase Domain authority - Yes You are heard right domain authority Most important factor rank on google. if you do blog submission high-quality domain authority sites. In which from Pass link juice and Increase Your website domain authority.
  • quick crawling- You have heard right If you submit Your blog/URL blog directories that google crawler craw Your website fast. Improve Your search engine ranking. Fast crawling next Most important factors ranks on google.
  • Free blog submission sites- You already know some blog submission sites take care to submit Your blog/Url but don't Worry about The website free blog submission site list. In which not any paid sites. You can fully free submit to Your website without any paid.

So, I hope You are fully understood. What benefits submit Your blog sites. If you have any doubt free blog submissions sites list. You can comment below.

10 high DA PA Free blog submission sites list in 2021.

So, You can Check here 10 high da PA Website in which submit Your blog Url.

  1. Entire Web ( DA 52)
  2.  Blog Adda ( DA 53)
  3. Best of the web ( Da 66)
  4. Blog flux ( DA 44)
  5. fuel My blog ( DA 35)
  6. Blog Directory ( DA 31)
  7. Blog collection ( Da 41)
  8. Blog listening ( Da 30)
  9. Blog engage ( DA 40)
  10. Boing Boing ( DA 90)

These are the above 10 websites You can submit Your blog/Url In which You give high-quality backlink and Increase Your domain authority now.

Important note- I have suggested You. You can submit Your blog 25 high authority domain. That helps You ranking on google. Not submit Your blog/URL From 25 lower authority website. This is bad for Your website.

You already know google has a Smart algorithm That Catches Your website activity and penalizes Your website. Because not submit Your blog/URL from 25 lower authority site.

I have given the above Best and high authority domain website list. In which You can submit. Your blog Url fell free and Improve Your google ranking. And get high-quality backlinks.

Now,   other blog submission sites Url. You can Manually check DA Pa on this Website and submit Your blog/Url. Your own risk.

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FAQ Related questions Free blog submission site list.

1. Can You tell me 4 High Da Pa Blog submission sites?

Yes, I can tell you about Your 4 best High DA Pa Website.

  • Boing Boing
  • Enter web
  • Blog Ada
  • Blog flux
  • Bonus tips You can use Wix.com

2. How to process blog submission sites?

The process is very simple for a free blog submission site. Most before these Particular Criteria How to submit blog/Url on the website. You can read the full terms and conditions Website. If you also check the website Traffic and Domain authority. And Here below some step,

You can submit Your blog/Url

  1. Copy Your blog Url and Or blog Post Url
  2. Click these Particular website and submission site buttons.
  3. Paste Your blog Url and click submit.
  4. And You Website submission happens in the next 24 hours as terms conditions.

3. What are blog submission sites?

If you are reading the full article so You already know. What are blog submission sites? That gives a high-quality backlink. That very important factors rank on google includes off-page SEO.

And blog submission gives Your quality backlinks. You already this is the easiest way to create high-quality backlinks from another website.

4. How do improve ranking blog submission sites?

It is the right to question, How do improve ranking from blog submission site. Let's on depth. Simple language When You can publish Your article on the blog. You want to rank on google. but that particle article not rank on google. What reason? Because Your website not backlink active.

When You can submit Your blog/Url blog submission site these Particular articles You give a quality backlink. And Improve Your ranking on google. You already know 200 ranking factors include backlinks.

5.  Do follow the free blog submission site list 2021?

The above All Website gives You a do-follow backlink to Your website. If you are thinking What is a do-follow backlink? I tell you about You.

Do follow the backlink You get from another particular website. In which link juice pass Your website. increase your website domain authority. Because Do follow backlink important. Your website for increase domain authority.


Free blog submission sites That are Help Your ranking on google. You already know If your website rank on google. You get a lot of traffic and money Your blog.

Note- You can not build a lot of backlinks that do follow for harmful Your website. If you do not know. Yes, You heard right. More do-follow backlink harmful to Your website.

Because You can equal create backlinks do follow and no follow backlinks. I recommended. If you are a new website You can create no-follow backlinks.

On google rank very hard. If you fast rank on google You can create backlinks from another website.

His particular for a keyword. Because You should a lot of backlink that also high-quality sites. You can use the website his website Da Pa 25+ You already know backlinks search engine result page rank your keywords.

If you have any doubt about this particular topic. You can ask me questions in the comment box feel free.

One thing More You can use for blog directories Which web 25 low domain authority. Your website and SEO bad.

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