YouTube Channel Art- How to Create Channel Art (2021)

YouTube Channel Art

Are You Looking for YouTube Channel Art? If Yes So, You are right Place In this article. How to Create YouTube Channel art?

Most before We Knowing About What is YouTube Channel Art? Why Important to Create YouTube, Channel Art?

If you are thinking? What is Channel Art Channel Are also know as That Channel header Image? Here below Cover All topic to Create YouTube Channel.

What is Channel Art?

We already know about That Channel art Show Channel header image We say about YouTube Channel Art. Yes, You have heard right.

You have also known it is a large banner or Large YouTube Channel Art That You have seen channel Beautiful.

Why is Important YouTube Channel Art?

You can Say About Why Important YouTube Channel art? Most Before any person or Visitor open Your YouTube Channel Most before Seen Your Large header Image. That is Very Important Make Your strong Impression.

You can see all the big YouTube channels. You can Surely YouTube Channel art. In which You have seen Social Media All Profile Include, Tag line, Big Channel Logo, Some information about channel and More.

You can use A Image in YouTube Channel Art

Yes, You have heard, right? You can use it in Channel Art Image. That show in What is Unique Your YouTube Channel and What is Your Topic of YouTube Channels.

If you have seen about All big Channel That also Most popular in Present. Many channels you have Seen Represent your own Image in Big YouTube Banner Plus What topic cove on YouTube Channel.

If you are thinking Many people not Represent in YouTube Channel Art. Own Image But Why?

I tell about it Because of His Topic about not Vlog. For example, You have opened a Technology related YouTube Channel. Most before You have Seen in YouTube Channel Art.

All things Technology related for example Mobile, Laptop, and Desktop plus What topics Cover About Channel art.

You can use the YouTube Channel logo in YouTube Channel Art

Yes, You have seen All brand Channel A Big logo in YouTube Channel art. Then also If you are thinking Why use a big Logo in Channel Art. I tell you about it.

This channel is Brand Channel That on the internet Make brand because Use Big logo on Your channel art. One thing More You have seen About Many channels in which Big Name in Channel art. You can see below This type of Channel Some Examples.

You have also said about Brand YouTube Channel. That your visitor of Make Strong impression.

How do I Make YouTube Channel Art?

Lets, Start If you are thinking own Creating YouTube Channel Art. It's good If you want to now own Create Channel You can hire a pro. If you have Graphic skills, Design skills You can Create easily Your YouTube banner.

If you don't know how to create beautiful Channel art So Don' Worry in this Article I Cover 5 steps In which You can create YouTube's Best header Image.

Here below 5 Step We knowing About How to Create a Channel Art Using Best Online Tool.

Step 1: Most before We are going to use Canva Tool for Make Channel Art. If you do not know Canva is the Most popular Graphic Designer Tool at Present Many people and Youtube Creator use This Tool.

For Make, Youtube channel art, YouTube Thumblin, and Many things. Today We are going to use To canva to Make a beautiful Youtube Channel Art.

If you are thinking What is Traffic Canva Website Per month. I Tell about if almost Per Month Canva Website Traffic 150 Million. You can also Think About Canva as Best Online Tool.

Step 2: Most Before Click on This link and Go Canava Website. If you have no Canva Account So You Can Create Your Canva Account. If you have created Most before Go Canva Home Page.

You have Seen the Search option. Simply You can search YouTube Channel art. Now, You have seen a lot of YouTube Templated.

You can select any option as also Select You will land Canva Designing Page. In which You can design your channel art. Lets, Start to Move to the third step.

Step 3: Now, You have seen in the Side lot of Coustimize tool for example Uploads, Photos, Text, Element, Photo, Music, video, Background, etc. Most before You Click Background Button and Choose Your Channel art background Option.

Lets, Start Move the 4th Steps.

Step 4: In the 4th Steps, You can Upload your own Photo and Own logo. Simply Drag and drop You can upload Jpeg and Png image. Now easily Click the Text Button and Write Your channel name, Brand Name, etc. Now You can simply Drag and Drop Your text Size Coustimize Italic, bold, etc. If you want to add a link to Your Social Media Profile.

Most before Go element Button Simply Search Twitter. You have seen the Twitter logo on the Side add a link. Hence You can all social link This way.

Step 5: Now, Your Channel art Ready to download. You have seen the above Download button Click this button, not You will show Many format option like as Jpeg, Pdf, Png, Gif, Mp4 Simply Click PNG Image and Download Your YouTube channel art. If you are thinking Why am I Choose PNG Image because PNG is the best high-quality format That Canva Suggest Yours.

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Now, Open Your YouTube Channel Upload header Image or YouTube channel art Make a strong impression on Your visitor and from the audience.

YouTube Tagline

You can say Tagline That Description Your Youtube Channel. This is Show Your logo with Tagline. If you have seen Many YouTube logo in Small letter Tagline. You can add Your Tagline to Your Channel art.

If you are thinking. What benefits? This type of tagline. I will understand give Some example- Cook related his tagline Step by step Cooking Steps. If You this type tagline. Your visitor understood What is Channel.

This is Why unique. Because You have seen All big YouTube or Most popular Channel. With logo and Tagline.

Channel Art Links

Now, Lets us Discuss the Channel art link. Most before We discuss Social Media Profile link Your Channel art. You can say in Channer art right Sider. You have seen Some other External link.

For example Twitter, Instagram, Telegram and etc. That Channel owner profile. It is very important to live in Channel art. If you want Your social Media to gain Follower Simply. You can include your Social media profile in channel art.

If you want to see Some example Image. Here below You can see a live example.

YouTube Channel art

FAQ Relate Questions from YouTube Channel Art?

1. What is YouTube Channel Art Size?

You don't know What is Channel Art Don't YouTube header Image Size 2650*1440 In this Size You can make Your YouTube header Image.

2. How to Create  Channel Art Using Canva?

If you are reading the Full article So, You are already know How to Create Channel Using 5 steps. I have already discussed 5 steps. You can Make a beautiful YouTube header Image.

3. How do You Add Channel Art on YouTube Mobile?

Yes, This is the Most popular question because. I have added this question in my article. Here below 3 steps to Discuss how to add channel art using Mobile.

Step 1: Most before Simply open any browser for example Chrome, Firefox etc. Search YouTube Studio. Open YouTube Studio login in Your YouTube Channel.

Step 2: Now, Simply Click Browser Three Dot Button Click DeskTop Size. Your browser Mode Is Desktop.

Step 3: Now If you have seen the header option simply Click This Button Upload Your Channel art Save as.

4. What is YouTube Banner Size 2021?

A lot of people ask the question What is Banner size in 2021? You already know. YouTube does not Change in 2021. Channel art size. In 2021 also active 2650*1440 Channel art Size.

5. How to Download YouTube Channel Art Template Free?

IF you are thinking. How to Download Channel art. As so You can use Canva Online Software And Other Software. If you want to do use. In which You have already get You Lot of Template. If-Then also, Download Simply Search on Download YouTube Tumblin.

6. How to create a YouTube channel Art using Snappa?

You don't know snappa is the best alternatives to canvas. You can see the below video and learn. How to create a beautiful channel art?

You get a lot of Websites. Simply click any website You can download Channel art Template Very easily.

I hope clear What is channel Art and How to Create Channel art. In which best online Tool Canva That is Most popular in present.

One thing More You already know. YouTube one of The Most Popular Platform. Do You know? YouTube is the Second Search engine in the World.

Then also, If you have any doubt YouTube Channel related. You can ask me questions in the Comment Box

Note- I reply to All Comment question answer.

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