Serpstat vs Semrush👉 [July 2021]: Is Semrush better than Ahrefs?

SEMrush vs Serpstat

Do you find the best SEO tools? yes, so you are right place. in this article two tools compare who is the best SEO tools. Serpstat VS SEMrush which is the best SEO tool. for newbie.

If you are thinking about who is the best SEO tool. which in particular start a new blog. in this article complete review newbie fo which best tools.

let's go

Introduction to Serpstat vs SEMrush

SEMrush- this tool is all one SEO marketing tools. This tool can use SEO, keyword research, competitor research, site audit, PPC, content marketing for is the best SEO tools.

if you should these tools of try.

SEMrush is SEO tools use it. Start free 7 days trial

Serpstat- This SEO tools all-around feature as SEO, PPC, content manager, Backlink analyze, Profession SEO specialist if you should  Serpstat features of try. Start Serpstat free trial.

I have been using both platforms. I use to do my experience who is good SEO tools.

  • Usability
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive Research
  • Domain analytics
  • Link building


I have both platforms compare to Dashboard Serpstat VS SEMrush. Buy the way I have been using both tools. some dashboard and review.

Via Screenshot saw trying. Serpstat VS SEMrush


Dashboard SEMrush

Serpstat VS SEMrush dashboard is easy to use. but great Serptat usability. SEMrush dashboard in Proper sidebar looks like. as domain analytics, Competitive research, domain overview, etc.


Serpstat Dashboard

Serpstat VS SEMrush dashboard usability to good SEMrush. sidebar look like saw Website analysis, keyword research, domain overview, etc.

Keyword research 


SEMrush Keyowrd

Keyword research is very important. why? because of your website ranking. most sure keyword research. if your goods way keyword research.

so your website fasts google ranking.

  • keyword overview
  • Keyword Magic tools
  • Keyword manager
  • Organic traffic insight

Keyword overview- You can check anybody's keyword of overview. You can check this keyword overview Serpstat vs SEMrush. in this keyword related. The global volume you can check.

country by country this keyword related you can check. this keyword related to any questions Lsi keyword.

CPC( click per cost ) You can check. Keyword overview best way anybody keyword research.

Keyword Magic tools-  the keyword magic tools SEMrush keyword research for the best way to fast check keyword magic tools. his related keyword.

you can saw Search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC. 

Keyword Manager-   You can check the keyword manager. his keyword related list which this feature only available Paid member for use it.

Keyword Manager all related keyword find. organic research his keyword related to any article you can find it. 

Organic traffic insight-   You can check your competitor domain organic traffic insight look like an example of all your website issues find it solves. this way increase your organic traffic boost your ranking website.

You can saw the competitor domain. on page all your organic keyword, Monthly this website in the traffic, etc.

Try SEMrush 7 days trial  


serpstat vs semrush

you can easily keyword research Serpstat is the all in one marketing SEO platform. keyword research is very important for any blog and website.

  • Keyword overview
  • SEO research
  • PPC research
  • Content Marketing
  • SERP analyze

Keyword overview-  You can check any keyword overview Serpstat. this keyword relation ed Search volume, CPC ( Click threw rate), keyword difficulty check.

Go to Serpstat Dashboard click keyword overview write your keyword and search.

SEO research-  You can check SEO research in the SEO selection, related keyword, search suggestion, top pages, competitors these features you can do check.

and keyword related SEO research. which help your website ranking.

Keyword selection in the You can select which article write favourite keyword select. Related keyword You topic related keyword which notes.

Search suggestion You Serpstat your keyword related to the best keyword you suggest.

Serpstat is the best feature of keyword suggestions.

PPC Research- This means ad run related keyword find it for. PPC research says. You can use is these features on your website for promotion. if your website you should promote. so you ad-related keyword research.

You can't check ads related keywords, competitors, Ads example, Ads research.

Content marketing- Do you know? very important thing content is king. Your website depends on you, content writes user, experience, etc.

you these features of using content marketing from.

If you find your blog of article writing. so here your topic research. 

more than a question find it. this features Serpstat vs SEMrush help for newbie content marketing.

SERP analysis- This is an amazing feature for Serpstat. You can check your keyword google page. SERP Means ( Search engine result page. This helps your keyword look google position.

Start Serpstat free trail

Competitive research


Traffic Anlaytics

Competitive research is the best way to rank any website. which website your competitor of the website can analyze. this website related backlink saw.

you competitor organic keyword, organic research, traffic cost, etc

Competitive research Through You boost and grow your website fast. Your competitor as a work website. by the way, you work on your new website.

Because competitive research is very important for newbies.

Your competitive research through the website for quality backlinks can generate grow your website fast now.

  • Domain overview
  • Traffic analytics
  • Organic research

Domain overview- if you want your computer of domain full overview check for SEMrush. you can saw domain-related.

as authority score, Organic search traffic, backlink, Paid search traffic, display advertising, traffic cost.

Authority score this domain authority score means google trust your audience trust this domain.

organic search traffic you competitive of which organic traffic which googles come he tells. Backlink- Backlink is a very important factor that helps your website ranking.

Display advertising in which you promote the website for ads run he also check your competitor.

Traffic cost- You can check competitor of traffic cost of your competitor many revenues monthly generate.

Traffic trend here you can check daily your website visitor visite. he can check. daily organic visitor website.

Keyword trend- You can check who keyword google on ranking and more traffic to who keyword coming for the website.

Keyword by country- You can check your competitor keyword by country. of who keyword the country targeted. and who country more traffic website.

Top organic keyword- if you should your competitor of main top keyword which googles the first number on ranking. you can saw very easily.

Traffic analytics - You can check competitor traffic. when his website traffic coming on google this domain traffic journey when starting.

you can saw very easily. as for example overview, audience insight, Traffic journey, top pages, etc

You can saw your competitor's monthly traffic visitor as an example - Monthly visitor website, Unique visitor, Page visitor, Average duration, bounce rate is the visitor of your website article good not good his related bounce rate.

organic research -  You can check your SEMrush competitor organic research in the overview, Position, position change, competitor, Pages, subdomain.

overview Your can saw a competitor website all organic keyword, traffic cost, branded traffic, nonbrand traffic.

Position - Saw your compter google position any search engine position of Your article google on who position ranking.

position change- saw your keyword ranking position decrease or increase. as this keyword tomorrow 10th position today 4th position.

Competitor- check any domain-related organic competitor on another website. easily check this domain related to this website his competitor.

page- You can check the top 10 pages which google on the ranking first position. Your competitor keywords any search engine ranking check your keyword top 10 page very easy way.

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Serpstat Dashboard

Competitive research for Serpstat usability for very best. Serpstat You can check the competitor full domain overview. this tool help website rank tracking.

Help your website with link building. and quality backlink creation.

Help You can website track easily. you are thinking about who is the best SEO tool. which best competitive research.

You have used both platforms. You use free trail Serpstat.  start Serpstat free trail.

Rank tracker- this tool helps Your website easily google ranking check. Your keyword track easily Serpstat competitive research helps. rank tracker use doing.

You any website of keyword check.

SEO research - Website of ranking depends on SEO your website. How your website of SEO? SEO research doing.

any website for very important why? Because you SEO do rank website google the first position. you can understand SEO many important for the Yor website.

Traffic research- You can check competitors. all website traffic how much traffic gain for your website. you can easily check any website.

I hope you are fully understood. traffic research why sure. what are you thinking?

How does traffic research? go Serpstat dashboard click on competitive research. and options saw traffic research. give your URL website whose You would traffic research.

Click the enter button. show your competitor all data as an example- How many organic visitors, page visitor, average duration, bounce rate, etc.

Lsi project - You can create the Lsi project in the Serpstat dashboard. You can select the LSI keyword. You find top Your website competitor.  The Lsi keyword is important for website ranking.

Lsi keyword help grows the website and fast rank on the google page. Lsi keyword implements your article and grows fast ranking. any website.

Organic visitor- which visitor google search form com. he says, organic visitor. google traffic this traffic is very useful to grow your website and ranking.

Start Serpstat free trail

Domin analyze


Domain Report

If you are thinking?  what is domain analysis? I am telling you. Another website analyzes website all the data information. Data analyze any country SEMrush tool help.

You can check in domain analysis. For example rank, keyword gap, PLA research, Display advertising, backlinks, organic research, Domain overview You can get feature SEMrush tools.

  • Domain overview
  • Backlinks
  • organic research

Domain overview- You can check-in a competitive website  Monthly organic visitor, Traffic cost, etc. you can analyze in domain overview.

You competitive or any website. Authority score,, Paid search, etc.

Authority score-  this means how much trust you on google your website. how much trusted audience your website.

you saw any domain score low or more he decide to google trust. add help authority score is increase.

Paid search- it means if you promote your website. You can check competitive promote website traffic. which google by not organic traffic.

The traffic is paid search. paid search does not increase your website of quality.

Backlinks- this is a very important factor for ranking your website fast. backlinks build doing right way SEMrush Yo can analyze you are competitive.

Your website for backlinks makes grow the website.

Your domain overview third position backlinks check. You can check easily the total number of backlinks on the website. you can discover many types of links.

For example text, image, form, comment about types backlinks makes.

You can check backlinks to competitive websites. and You can also create backlinks.

Referring domains- you can saw it easily domain referring to the site. You can check this referring domain form how many backlinks creator.

you can check to do. go to domain overview click view full report. You saw how much referring domain for this website.

organic research- You can check competitors. top organic keyword, Main organic traffic keyword, brand traffic trend, Nonbrand traffic, organic position.

Top organic keyword- In this list he all keyword which google of the t position on the ranking. You can find this keyword easily.

You can see keyword traffic per day month search volume.-

Main organic keyword- the main keyword means which website more traffic sends him we main organic keyword.

You can easily check competitive or any website main organic traffic for SEMrush tool help.

Brand traffic- Brand traffic means so traffic which not organic search, referring to which traffic you name from sending him brand traffic says.

Brand development doing is very important and for the site. because as much as traffic brands send that much not organic search comes. you always try more brand developing site build.

Nonbrand traffic- it means which traffic you name not come. her we nonbrand traffic. For example, which traffic keyword comes organic search, these mean nonbrand traffic.

Organic position-  Like this keyword which googles how many pages rank check easily SEMrush tools help. how many keywords rank on google.

you can see your keyword google on as example- 1-10 position, 10-20 position. so can saw.

Try SEMrush 7 days trial  

SERP stat

Serpstat Vs SEMrush

You can check this tool in domain analysis, SEO research, top pages, domain vs domain, competitors, etc. Serpstat tool help. this tool is all in one SEO platform.

this tool usability looking SEMrush from good. but I recommend new view best SEO tools SEMrush. why?

SEMrush is the best platform for keyword research from backlink analysis, site audit, domain compression, etc.

SEO research - these tools help You can collect keyword for a domain and compete You can easily collect keyword and with a related keyword. which helps find any question you topic up.

You can a with 100 domain and keyword check. you can easily find any keyword CPC, search volume, keyword difficulty, filter use doing.

Top page-  You can see your competitor's top pages which google on rank. You can find it easily. More traffic sends website keywords.

Domain vs domain- You can easily compare site you're any website Serpstat tools help. You together 5 domain comparison your site for any site easily.

You can find issues on your website easily his tools help.

Competitors- You can see a full report easily any keyword competitor which website down your website on google's first pages.

Start Serpstat free trail

Link building


Semrush backlink Checker

Link building this amazing feature SEMrush tools. so helps You can start a link building website. link building so processes that connect to another website your domain.

why linking building important for the website? Because if you competitive keyword and next page rank your website. so sure link building website.

Brand if you are thinking.  why is sure a link building for SEO? You can link the building easily. another website by guest posting though.

Your website can easily link building. increase quality backlinks number your website will a good way to rank on google website link building more benefits.

increase your domain authority. which your website ranking grows.

How can link building benefit my website?

more benefit link building your website. if your learning grows.

your guidance more come website other website link juice pass your website.

  • Backlink analytics
  • backlink audit
  • Link building tools

Backlink analytics-  You can check any website of backlinks that Use can your website backlink build.  Serpstat VS SEMrush You database daily update competitor website. with a who links the site.

Backlink analytics SEMrush report help for. SEMrush gives backlink analytics tools because of comparison tow domain a with side by side. If you are compression.

your domain and competitive domain backlinks. so you can easily compress backlinks. Your site on many backlinks. as help very easily one with 5 domain compassion.

Backlink analytics you can check competitor SEMrush. overview report, backlink report, anchor, index page, competitors. why is backlink analytics necessary for

You can discover new backlinks easily from competitors. You can build your website with a high-quality backlink. which your website can da increase.

Backlink audit- You can help these tools competitive website profile linking check easily. backlink number check. who is a website link for another domain?

referring domain. You can competitive Lost backlinks, follow backlinks, no flow backlinks.

Why? because it is very important for a newbie. this tool help check any website. this SEMrush tool help this tool automatic track all data as an example (Nofollow, follow, lost)

Lost backlinks- You can check lost backlinks. Lost backlink to decrease site ranking. because your SEMrush tool helps you can find website look backlinks remove.

follow backlinks- You can competitive check. easily Nofollow backlinks, do follow backlinks check. and your site for backlinks building follows and Nofollow easily.

Nofollow backlinks- this type of backlinks decrease your ranking you can find easily competitive Nofollow backlinks.

Link building tools- These link building tools help collect all website link building website. so you link building you can add keyword 10 one with and add your competitor. start link building easily.

SERP stat

Serpstat vs SEMrush

You can start to build backlink easily for Serpstat tools. you can analyze any website backlink profile total number of backlinks, referring domain, lost backlinks, active backlink, etc.

Referring domain- this tool help shows all domain data. which you competitive has backlinks create another website in. you can find easily a website. you can also create backlinks for your own website.

You can see together all domain check da, Pa, Alexa rank, Ahrefs ranks, SEMrush rank, google trust, etc.

Lost backlinks - you can find your own website lost backlinks. which some work not. You can see easily the Serpstat tool to help and remove your website.

Active backlinks- You can check backlink Serpstat tool help. how many backlinks active on my website how many backlinks lost on my website. you can easily saw optimize your website.

Do follow backlinks-  Links these links which backlinks your site increase ranking growth. always try yours. more from backlinks create for do follow backlinks.

which your website of ranking increases. google trust more grow. when you article without on-page SEO rank on google for fast easily.

No, follow backlinks- These types of backlinks decrease your domain ranking on google. but You do follow or no follow backlinks number equal should sure.

FAQ related questions

1. Which is the best SEO tools Serpstat VS SEMrush?

I hope You read the article fully. if you understood which is the best SEO tool. I am telling you. best SEO tool for SEMrush.

why? Serpstat usability good SEMrush has more information plus all in SEO marketing tools.

You can use its SEMrush free trial for 7 days. You can use SEMrush when understood why SEMrush is the best SEO tool.

2. how many days SEMrush or Serpstat Free trial?

You can SEMrush use it Start 7 days free trial. Serpstat you can use it 7 days free trial. You have both platforms you service use doing.

7 days free trial give. If you should try SEMrush or Serpstat click this start free trial.

3. SEMrush VS Ahrefs

You are thinking of another article to read. wait You can read this article SEMrush vs Ahrefs which is the best SEO tool. in this article, I am a full review for SEMrush vs Ahrefs who best SEO tools for the newbie.

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