How to Write Perfect Blog description in (2021)

How to write blog description

Are you a beginner, you want to give an impression of your own blog. Today I will tell you such tips and tricks by which you can Give good and easy descriptions to your blog.

Your blog has a distinct and birding identity. Therefore it is too important. To always give your blog description. You will never forget to Give your blog description. Because it is better for your SEO, the police inform your visitors about your blog.

You can talk blog in two words. Therefore the post description is published.

  • Post description
  • Blog description

What is post description

Post description we call it. Which you give your post description while writing the article. You can also say descriptions blog. At the time you write the articles.

What is a blog description?

The blog is what we call it. Which you post desktops according to your blog and lowly. They put on their brandies. Is your blog on Which makes your visitor understand. Yes, this blog has made On this thing.

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You can search Google on blogging life and Shoutmeloud professional blogs examples. Search on google any Professional website.

So how to write a blog description WordPress?

How we wrote the blog description, we will talk about how you can write a description of your blog. With the help of this plugin, you can also write the received description, Today we will talk about how you can write a blog description from SEO primer.

We will use some screenshots that you will understand in some goods way. To write a description, you first have to create a website. Is the name. With the help of Seo Apimer, you can generate your blog Description Found Description.

blog Description

To generate the tag you got. Meta description examples for blogs.

Site Title - You can give whatever your blog name is in the site title in your site tile.

Site Description - The site description gives you a description of your blog. Whatever you want to give the blog description. Remember the description. Your site should be useful for 180 characters.

Site Keywords - You can give tin keywords whatever you want to your blog. Whatever is related to your blog. Will not take basics from three keywords.

Click on generate meta tag.

The tags you get from your blog will be generated. You have to copy it. Wherever you want to give the tags. Found in the blog. They open that site.

You have to go to the worldwide editor. He is searching for you. You have to generate the tag which you said in your blog, and you have to paste it below Head.

Editor Your them first.

How to Write a Perefect Blog description

Header.php Have to click on Pay. And the President has to do.

You have to paste your code to number 11 of your code. And the update has to be filed. In 2 to 3 days, you will get your blog's search engine to show your blog's search engine.

How to write a post description

You first need a popular Pugin to give you your post description while writing your posts. You must install the name Yoast SEO plugin in your blogs so that you will not have any time to enter the met description of your blog.

Which is the most important to increase your traffic on your blog? How to give the received description while writing your article.

Long description - short descriptions We call it. Who would have written more about my article, I have written this article in it. The same happens, Meta Description.

Short Description - You give a little information about your blog article. We call it a short received description.

When this happens, the description of your blog or article has to be given for the work of 180 words. It is most appropriately forbidden for SEO.

Write powerful blog descriptions examples.

Description for blog page. Powerful description writing does this. The first one makes sense to your visitor. What you have written about these articles. Secondly, your ad is crawled by Google. Which can cause your blog traffic to increase? Therefore it is always necessary to write a powerful description.

Writing by doing SEO optimization can make your SEO write Properly.

Use the main keywords - You must add keywords to your meta description which you have written article by your research. Which increases the chance of ranking your blog.

Include power words - Make sure to add power words that can increase your boost whistle.

Unique - Whenever you get the description of your the most unique type is unique. No one has a copy. Google gives more response to uniques meta descriptions.

No more than 160 charters - you too, when you give the description of your write more than 160 chargers, which is the best for your blog article and SEO.

Use a conversational word - Whenever you advertise a Words that is a conversion sentence. Which will increase the ctr of your blog and may also increase your bounce rate?

It is the most important thing. That never burns the description you got for SEO.

How to write a blogger blog

How to Write blog Description

Many of us have beginners who still use Bloggers, not some Word devices. The blog will not be given a given description yet. Easy as you. Blog description blogger

Click the settings buttons.

Click Next on Search preferences

There you will see the option on the description you received, in that you can give the mate of yours. Blogger is also a Very-good platform to get free hosting on this. But do not think that it is not so good.

But you tell me. Today's that all the bigs bloggers stop from the bloggers.

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FAQ  Related questions

What is a blog description?

The description is what you call it. Which you give the description example of your blogger's homepage.

What is the post description?

Post description you call that. Which you give about the article while writing the post.

If you don't have any more questions comment box. So at least the thing can worry. I will definitely answer you.

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