35 Proven Ways to Increase Instant Website Traffic (2021)

instant increase website traffic

Are you a beginner  Traffic is not coming to your website. You are very sad.
Increase Instant website traffic on your own blog. You are not experiencing an organic increase in website traffic. Which is very important for DA Pa of the blog. Today we will tell you 35 strategies so that you can increase the website traffic of your blog very easily.

What is organically traffic

increase website traffic Organically Traffic: The traffic that comes from search engines on your blog. This increases your blog page authority bounce rate. Organic traffic is more preferred to, so the more search engine traffic you get in your blog. That will be good for your blog. increase website traffic.

How to Get Social Media traffic

The traffic of social media whatever article you write in your blog. Must share it on all social media platforms so that more people can come to your blog. increase website traffic.

1. ON Page SEO

In On-Page SEO, you should do all the work while writing your article. ON page SEO ranks your blog on the first page of Google without backlinks. This is one of the biggest factors. To do ON page Seo.

By doing SEO on-page, your blog articles are also ranked on Google. increase website traffic And your time is also saved together.
Optimize Your title tag - You write your own blog title. Write it down optimally. It should be SEO friendly title.
Meta Description - After writing your article, what you have written in that article. You wrote it in the meta description. increase website traffic Which will rank your article? And you come to your blog after reading the meta description.

2. Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO works. That is your job. Make backlinks. The more backlinks you leave your blog, the more your article is ranked on Google. It is very important to become the backlink of today's blogger. Which makes your blog come from another website. increase website traffic.
Off-page SEO is one such link. Which connects your blog to other blogs. By which your page or article gets ranked on Google.
Creating backlinks is the da pa of your website. Which he grows. By which your pages are crawled by Google's crawled.  And index it on Google. increase website traffic.
You can See This Vidio Full Tutorial off-page SEO.

3. Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords have become so much competition in the blog nowadays. Who is the new blogger? Every day new bloggers are creating millions of websites. Like if you use long-tail keywords. So you can increase traffic to your blog to some extent. Those who are new bloggers. Which do not use long-tail keywords? Due to which he is unable to rank his article on Google.
I would suggest you use long-tail keywords so that you can increase your earnings more.

4. Optimize your image

You must use the image while writing your blog article. It is important. Because whoever visits your blog will see the image and stay on your blog. increase website traffic You must always put an image in the blog article.
Alt-text image - Google cannot crawl your image. He just crawls the text. Do not forget to put alt text in the image, which will rank you on Google. And through the image visitors will also come to your website.
image link - give you a link in your image so that your image is ranked. If someone clicks on it, then it will come to your blog.

5. Use the best plugin

If you use WordPress. So you have the best plugin. Which you must install. That plugin will be found in popular plugins. increase website traffic.
Short pixel - This plugin will add an image to your blog, it will automatically automate your blog customized the image, which will also save your time.
Elementor - This plugin is the best. Which helps in creating your page. This Plugin is the most popular in WordPress.
Wp rocket - This plugin will make your site maximum speed. But you can buy this plugin only for paid.

6. Social media

Use social media[/caption]You can bring more visitors to your content. Social media is one such plot form. Due to this, you have a chance of getting a lot of traffic. Share your new blog as much as possible. Get to know more and more visitors to your blog. You should tell your friends flowers about your blog. You can do all the platforms of social media.
Like you write an article. Share it immediately on social media.

7. Facebook promotions

You can also promote your blog. Sometimes the site you see on the aid is all promoted. With which you can promote more and more visitors to your blog. via Facebook promotion.
You can promote your blog through Facebook. The more money you pay. That much will give you a Facebook audience.

8. Google ads promotion

You can promote your blog only with the help of Google AIDS. The more money you pay, the more increase in website traffic you will get with the help of AIDS. If you visit a lot of websites, you will. Gulge aids must be seen. Those blogs are promoted.
You can promote your blog in the same way. And more and more audiences can grope. But it will be trees. Such traffic is called paid traffic. Which is not organic.

9. Using quora

using Quora

Quora is one such platform. With which you can traffic easily on the blog. This site is the answer question site. Which you are asked every day new questions. increase website traffic.

If you have written an article on your blog related to him. So by giving his answer, you can take the traffic on your blog.
Quora is one such platform. Which has an unlimited audience. When you answer, please give a link to the article of the blog so that you can read more. I will click on that link. And will reach your website. Which will increase traffic to your blog?

10. Using Pinterest

Pinterest is one such platform. With which you can bring traffic to your blog. Every blogger uses this Pinterest. This Pinterest website is the pic upload increase website traffic.
You have to become your account on this. Every day, when you write your article, you work. You will have to upload photos, you have to upload them on Pinterest.
So if your picture is ranked on Google through your pic Pinterest, then increase website traffic will come to your blog. You can bring a lot of traffic to your website from Pinterest.

11. Using a medium

This site is very high. da pa is the side. Which will rank your article on Google? medium is one such site. Which helps in bringing traffic to your blog.
First of all, you have to create an account on this site. On this site, you cannot share more than three articles in a day. So you can write two articles in a day on your blog. Share half the article on medium. And give your article link by giving more which will bring visitors to your blog.
medium pay million traffic. It's Da Pa too high. There is no doubt of traffic.

12. Backlinks

Backlinks are off-page SEO. You can make backlinks by sharing your site. As you shared in the article medium, but you gave a link to your blog or article. He becomes a backlink. That is what we call backlinks.
You can also bring a lot of visitors to your blog with the help of a backlink.

13. Guest post

Today everyone who is a blogger is a big blogger. You can write a guest post on their blog. Contact them, email them and write a guest post. By writing a guest post on your blog, the website that you have written a guest post. That will bring you traffic.
You can write this guest by contacting the owner of that website. Many bloggers want it. Someone post a guest on my website. You choose a blog or do research. I need to write a guest post. You wrote the post on the same. increase website traffic.

14. Use the best of them

You should always choose a popular thumb so that you can customize your blog more easily. I will tell you about the best blog, which will make your blog unique and beautiful.
The generate press-generate press is one such stop. The user who is the most active on it. This will get you both paid and free. You can use it.
Ocean-wp - Ocean wp is also the second most popular pop. Man has made his blog on ocean wp. Which is available to you both paid and free? Always choose your best quality. increase website traffic.

15. Page load speed

Instant Website Traffic

page load speed is a very important factor. Bring increase website traffic from Google because if your page load speed is website speed slow. So visitors will leave before coming to your blog.
According to a Google, survey revealed. If a site is slow. So more than half of his visitors go away.

How to page load speed

Wp-rocket - Use the wp rocket plugin which improves your page load speed. Boosts your blog separately.
This plugin a very popular plugin. This will greatly increase the speed of your site. increase website traffic.

16. Customize your blog

You should always customize your blog in a good way. Your blog should always be user-friendly and mobile-friendly. So that whatever visitors come to your blog. There should be no problem accessing your site. and increase website traffic.

what is an SEO friendly blog?

SEO friendly blog we call it If you open your blog on mobile then get it in shape. If you open a desktop, that desktop should come and that is what we call SEO friendly blog.

17. Create a unique blog

You create a blog that any user comes to your blog. He read the article from the Hamesha Afi blog. Whenever you create a unique blog, do not copy any blog. I can see from that blog. According to that, you can create your own blog.
And can increase website traffic. Which is an Attractive not such blog in the whole world? It will be an advantage for you to become so that your website traffic will increase. And visitors will like your blog more.

18. write article long

Who are the new bloggers? That article is not written long. Think Confuse life. It is not a practice to write an article. Therefore, he is unable to write many word article.
Due to which people do not like to read their articles. increase website traffic And it does not even attract traffic to their website. So whenever you write an article, write long words.
If you write an article of a long word. So you have a lot of benefits. While people will not only read your blog, they will also share it, so whenever you write an article, try to write more long lives.

19. Quality Content

Whenever you write content, try to write that make high-quality content. So that it does not add boring It is not that you add a boring word to add more words to your article.
Which will leave your visitor? Whenever you write an article, write it in quality. increase website traffic.

20. Helpful article

You should write an article that will help people as much as possible to learn something from your article. Therefore, give as much information as you need to the visitor.
Write a successful article so that you can help your visitor. increase website traffic.
If you write a helpful article. If the visitor has to take any more information. It will appear on your blog. Whenever you write an article, see what the visitor needs. You wrote the article accordingly. increase website traffic.

21. Make a Facebook group

You can create your own Facebook pay group. By which you have given the name of your blog. The same as you can create a group on Facebook. And join more and more audiences in your Facebook group.
It can join as many audiences as possible. With which you can get good traffic on your website increase with the help of the Facebook group.
You can read your articles in the Facebook group more and more.

22. Start email capture

Which is the best way? That is the audience to grope. Email Marketing You will also receive emails every day, if you have submitted your email on a website, then that website direct sends the email to your mail.
By capturing more and more emails, you can bring increase website traffic through your audience email marketing. Whenever you write an article, you can get your article read by sending an audience email. Which will increase traffic to your blog a lot?
Most people who gain traffic. That is email marketing is the best platform. To increase website traffic more and more to make the audience read their articles. increase website traffic.

23. Use the best hosting

How is your hosting the biggest factor? Which company should buy hosting or not, which company is the best hosting provider. You have an effect on your site. So the speed of your site depends on the hosting.bluehost Bluehost[/caption]If your site traffic is increased then if your site hosting is trillion. So your site will be down. Keeping these things in mind, you bought a great hosting. I have reviewed some of the company's hosting. You can read it if you want. increase website traffic.
and wax hosting very fast web hosting.

24. External link

You can add external links to some blogs while writing articles. Which makes your SEO stronger. Just the way you need to write long words, this backlink is necessary. In the same way, it is very important to put an external link in your blog.
The external link makes your SEO very strong. Which can rank you on Google? This is one of the biggest factors in the increase in blog factors.

25. Social Share Plugin

Social shar plugin

Social share plugin
[/caption]social share plugin, you put this in your blog so that if no visitors feel that this Banda content is written very coolly. 
If you want to share it, then you should have a good stock option. Having an article share is a blogger who writes articles. They get a different motivation to increase website traffic.
social snap - This is one such plugin. You can do it for free and paid. Social snap helps you to share your article very easily. You see the option of my blog share.
He is a plugin of social snap. increase blog traffic social snap
This plugin is amazing. You must use it in your blog.

26. keyword research

Keyword research is an important factor to rank your article on Google. If you write an article on any keyword without doing any keyword research like any other, then your article will not rank as well if you rank on Google.
You take good information from keyword research, you see the search volume of that keyword in a good way. On the keyword, you are working on.
It is competition high on it, after searching all this flame, work on that keyword. With which you can increase your blog traffic. You need a Trusted Keyword Research tool to do a good keyword check.

27. Keyword research tool

increase website traffic With the help of keyword research tools, you check your keywords. increase website traffic And you can analyze any domain on it and check its keyword.
With which you can apply good keywords to your blog. I have written a separate post about the top 5 free keyword research tools.
This keyword research tool is available to you both for free of cost.
It is the largest factor. This is increases blog traffic. How is your keyword research tool? If you use a paid keyword research tool.
Then its feature will help you more. In increasing your traffic.

YouTube Channel art. How to create a Beautiful Channel art

28. Blog meta description

Blog Meta Description You must give your blog so that if any user is on your site. Or through a direct link. It is a meta description. You should enter a meta description in less than 160 words. increase website traffic.
Use keyword - When you give a meta description of your blog, focus your main keyword on it. So that visitors do not have much time to understand your blog.
SEO - Completely optimize the meta description you wrote. Because of which you might be missing something in the meta description. You can tell about yourself. Write about your blog.

29. chose your Niche

Your blog has more interest in you. You can create your own blog on that. The field in which you are more challenged. In choosing you according to your own needs. You do not have trouble writing articles. You do not have to do much research. That is why people suggest you choose a niche.
If you are a student. You don't have many consoles. So you can still start a blog. Arouse interest in yourself that you will also be confused about how to write articles.

30. Chose your domain

According to the name of your blog, you choose your domine name. If any visitor comes to your increase in blog traffic, then he reads the name of your increased website traffic on the blog.


If the same visitors come to your blog then He will search your blog's name. If your blog name and dominion name remain the same. Traffic will come to your blog. Select a related domine from your niche.

31. Using the comment blog

Many blogs bring traffic to the blog by commenting. You can also comment on your other blog and give a link to your site.
You must know that Commenting too much is spam. So whenever you comment on another website. Taking full information about him. You should not comment too much on your blog, which may also decrease your blog's traffic.

What would happen with blog commenting?

By commenting on the blog, if a visitor is reading the article on that blog. So if you have commented. So visitors will also come to your blog. It will be good if you do not comment too much.

32. start a youtube channel

You can increase instant website traffic by starting a YouTube channel and increasing visitors. Provide information by writing articles on the website and by creating a video on YouTube, the traffic of your blog will grow very soon.
Starting YouTube will also increase traffic to your blog. You will get more subscribers than youtube.

33. Use SSL

Your SSL Certificate may not be in your blog. So traffic will not come to your blog. If your blog has an SSL certificate then If you open Google Chrome. HTTPS will appear.
Everyone is certified in their blog. Which visitors understand. This website is safe. So that if the traffic of your blog is not realized. By applying this, your traffic will get increased.

34. Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast Seo plugin

This Plugin helps you to write a good article. This plugin is the best plugin for WordPress. This plugin is available to you both free and cost.

Instead, it helps you write an SEO friendly article. With its help, you can write a helpful article. It helps you a lot with on-page SEO.

35. Push notifications

 Push notifications on your blog. By applying push notifications, your traffic greatly increases blog traffic. By applying push notifications, whenever you write an article, you send a notification to it.
You can get your article read. Which can increase traffic to your blog?

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