Semrush Content marketing toolkit: In depth guide 2021

Semrush content marketing toolkit

You Know Content is king What niche Your blog. if you want to better result in your blog so You want Best SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit.

what You help better content Topic for the research. In this article, We fully Review the SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit. Which Specialty SEMrush Make This feature For content Marketing.
You need your own Blog Create Hight quality content. Your Blog Fast ranking on google and more traffic.
Content Marketing Toolkit for Only Best tool is SEMrush. This tool is All in one content marketing toolkit.
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Let's go

How to Use SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit?

Content Marketing toolkit Which SEMrush tools.
You use it This tool You can research Topic research, Content Optimization and Content Creation, and Content Performance Many more Features.
This is the SEMrush content marketing toolkit.
Here Some feature SEMrush Content marketing toolkit.

  • Conduct Topic research
  • Perform Content audits
  • Access Marketing toolkit
  • Post Tracking
  • SEO Content Template
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • Access to Brand Monotring

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Topic Research tools

You need Proper Topic Research For any topic Keyword ideas. Content Marketing toolkit SEMrush Seo toolkit You can trail Activation doing. SEMrush You access Topic research for Content Marketing.
In this Tool Provide Lot Of topic research. You Can easily see.
Topic Research tools Help You can easily discover Topic and keyword ideas. That He Trending topic research, Keyword related topic, and Many questions.
If you want the SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit. How To topic research content Marketing toolkit. Lest go Content Marketing Dashboard And Click Topic research tools.
Just Enter Any Topic ideas. Below Screenshot, some interact Topic research tools.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
You can Explore More topic ideas for Topic research tools
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

  • Card
  • Explore
  • An overview
  • A mind map

Card- If you are using Card And Click Any Topic Show more. You can See this Topic related Subtopic volume, Difficulty, And Topic Efficiency.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
His left Side 10 headlines Show you As You can use This heading Yours in the article. or Right Sidebar You can see his topic related to Many more questions As Use article.
You can Add Your Favorite headlines Topic And You export Your favourite headlines Seo content Template.
Explore- You can See in Explorer SEmrush Content Marketing tool features. Subtopic, Content ideas, Facebook engagement, Backlink, and Total Share. How to interface This Expoler Below Screenshot some, therefore.
An overview- You can see overview Top 10 headlines By backlinks, 10 interesting questions, Top subtopic, and Top 10 related Search.
A Mind Map- If you are thinking What is Mind Map? in Click Min Map You can a lot of keyword ideas and His sidebar some headlines and Below Sidebar, Your Topic related More Question show. Here How to interface Minmap Below Screenshot Mindmap.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit

SEO Content Template

Finding The Great Topic ideas Help Seo Content Template. Your SEMrush Content Marketing tool offers You SEO Content Template. You well way Create Content Structure.
Here How SEO content Template work

  • Enter a keyword You want to rank on google's first position.
  • SEMrush analyzes to 10 ranking websites Which already googles the first position.
  • SEMrush Recommandeation Better piece content You write.

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
If you want SEO Content Template. How do the Go-To SEO Content Template And Just Enter Your target keyword? Click Create SEO Template button. and Yes You can Select County target keywords.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Fast Analyze doing Seo Content Template Show You top 10 ranking websites of keywords.
This tool Recommended keyword suggestions. You can Semetacaly keyword ideas, backlink sources You can Try competitor and More Backlinks create your own website.
If you scroll down this Page This Seo content Template You suggest Create SEO Friendly optimize a blog post.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
You can include keyword ideas in the article You chance better ranking on google position.
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Create a Content Plan in Marketing Calender

Content Marketing calendar Help Your website a lot of optimizing. You can create an editor Semrush content marketing toolkit. Semrush devolves just for Your content marketing calendar.
This helps manage Your Content ideas in calendar very advanced way.
If you are using the Content Marketing calendar So many things include this SEMrush tool features.

  • You can save Your all content ideas drafts and When should place.
  • You can create Content Strategy in an Advance way and Sheculude per month.
  • You use it it's features to maintain blog consistency and frequency.

How to look at SEMrush Content Marketing Calendar.
Semrush content Marketing toolkit
As you can see above Screenshot Therefore You can seclude Your post in advance way. Click This Create calendar easily set a new campaign. You can manage content ideas, and export your ideas.
if you want to run a successful blog. You need to develop a successful content marketing calendar. You can schedule your post in the future.

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Semrush guru and pro trial 

SEO Writing Assistant SEMrush

SEO Writing SEMrush Make for Seo practice. You can use This tool google docs and WordPress editor. This tool Help Your article better optimizing Google's top 10 rankings.
SEMrush SEO Writing assistant help. You can Advance on-page SEO. Normal pulling help You can article basically on-page SEO.
But SEMrush writing assistant help you can advance on-page SEO Your article. because Your article fast ranking on google. without creating link building and backlinks.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
This tool Suggest You. Go to the SEMrush writing assistant. Just Enter Your target keywords. This tool his keyword related and also Many organic keyword ideas give. His help You can rank website google top 10 pages.
SEMrush writing assistant form You will best Seo practice. How to write SEO friendly article. This tool You can learn fast and How many keywords implement in Your article.
SEMrush offer gives You. You use it SEMrush Writing Assistant. You can add editor Google docs and WordPress editor.
When You Writing Assistant uses an editor. This tool You give overall SEO score 10 points. Below screenshot some interface.
if you use SEMrush writing assistant You will get something. You can see Your article How many SEO friendly.

  • Readability
  • SEO
  • originality
  • tone of voice

Readability: in overview Raedabilty score Count Title issue, paragraph issue, and Content issue. Readability You try 9 readability overall SEO Score.
SEO: You will give You're targeted keyword related and more LSI keywords. You can implement Your article. But care low competitive keyword implement your article.
Why? Low competitive keywords fast ranking on google. Because That keyword does not write an article hight authority site because rank fast on google without a backlink.
When also Write an article. You can do try. Work low competitive keywords. Your website's fast ranking and more traffic come.
Originality: You can check This SEMrush writing assistant feature. what You write Article how many percents are originals. As Much as the original article, You chance Your article google fast ranking.
You can try to write articles unique not any blog copy paste work.
The tone of Voice: its check tone of voice Your article consistency how many times read this article you can see easily this semrush features.
Here How it looks like a SEMrush writing assistant.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Try to Your Score Article 9 if you to better optimize your article. and fast ranking website on google. This writing assistant not only free use.
But you can offer gives 7 days trail free Semrush.
if you are to already use Google docs so Your SEO score and best happen. You try to write articles using google docs.

Brand Monotring

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Brand Monitoring is very important for Your website. Brand mention when backlinks another website You Brand name Add as Your and website of the brand monitoring happen.
SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit (platform) offers Your brand monitoring Name/website/brand and You can easily do.
Semrush provides ability and track to a specific domain. You can see Your brand mention daily bases check Semrush content marketing tools. Google analytic helps You Check how much traffic on the website your name and brand coming.
Some benefits if You are brand monitoring website and name.

  • You can track anything from your name, brand, and website When also people Search Your brand notify you these people bran monitoring your name and website.
  • You can find influencers or bloggers in which brands mention your website and name.

how to interface for Brand monotring.
Did You know Brand monitoring More traffic sends your website? if you not SEO your website if You brand monitoring website doing more traffic come website.
Neil Patel is the best brand monitoring website. Neil Patel website half traffic not organic keyword come. only name from more traffic. People search brand Your website rank on fast google.

Content audit tool

The content audit tool for SEMrush is to Connect Google search console and Google analytics. And SEMrush gives You. Your website-related important data as including page views, Session, bounce rate, etc.
SEMrush Content Analyzer tool gives the Two Mani tool function.

  • Auditing your on-page SEO Content
  • Auditing You're off-page SEO content With position tracking.

Mostly before Talk About this Content audit tool. How to use this tool on the blog. You can update your old blog post and optimize post and You can rank old post fast ranking on google.
You can manually Add Url (20000 pages)
Here how to look like a Content audit tool by SEMRush
if you want to content analyze Your own website. let's go to the SEMrush dashboard and Click Content audit tool.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Just enter Your own website "" You can See website related data. Pages, Share, Backlink, google analytics, and google search console.
When Content audit tool analyzes your website. it will time analyze your page, backlinks, and shares.
You will be display page related all data as an H1 tag, author, word count, and Total shares on social media Your pages.
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Post Tracking
SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit
Post tracking is the Second part of Content audit tools. which helps You off-page SEO check your website.
You can add your blog post topic for Url. You can track post-performance. Some as the interface screenshot below.x
Url- You can see all URL website. which URL currently tracking by semrush content audit tools. You can add a URL and remove Url.
Referral traffic -  This type of traffic means which traffic no google search engine comes. his traffic comes your website as a medium, interest form come.
keyword - You can See website Article which targeted keyword rank on google in Top 100 search result in.
Shares- This word means how many share Your article on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc.
Backlinks- You can see the number of backlinks created for the post.
Estimated searches- shows the number of how many people search on google target keyword and click your website.
Content audit tool which second tool position tracking help you can track blog post URL, referral, backlinks, social share and etc.

SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit Pros and Cons

Some LIst of SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit Pros and Cons.

  • Topic Research: This SEMrush Tool Features. You can discover excellent Topic ideas and related keywords.
  • SEO Content Template: This SEO Content helps You. Write SEO Friendly content. which fast ranking on google.
  • SEO Writing assistant: These SEMrush features Help Seo practice. and Improve Your SEO skill and better optimize Your content.
  • content audit: Tool helps You can see website organic traffic, Social shares, page views, bounce rate, and session.
  • Brand Monitoring: Brand Monitoring help Send More traffic on the website. is a very important website for brand monitoring.
  • Position tracking: You can track the Position keyword on google. What is Your Search engine rank on google?
  • Marketing Calendar: These features help you. You use it Sheculude your content advance issue notify.
  • Text Originality: You can Check content How many per cent Copywrite in Your content.

Cons: You can get full access to the SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit. When Your Purchase higher plane for example guru and business plan. You can fully access it.

How Much does it SEMrush Cost?

SEMrush has Available Currently 3 Monthly plan.

  1. Pro: This plan Available $99.95 Per month.
  2. Guru: This plan Available $199.95 Per month.
  3. Business: This plan Available $399.95 Per month.

If you want to Save Your subscription plan. so You Can purchase Plan You can save 16% in an annual plan. If you are annually planning purchase some Therefore Plan structure per month.

  1. Pro: Annually plan $83.28 per month.
  2. Guru: Annually Plan $166.62 per month.
  3. Business: Annually plan $333.28 per month.

Something important remember.
You can fully access the SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit. Only higher PLan as example guru and business plan full access toolkit. The screenshot below some limited access to guru and business plans.
semrush content marketing toolkit
You can see the above screenshot very limited offer free, pro, guru, and business plan.
Pro Plan

  • Topic research 2 Queries on total
  • Marketing calendar NA.
  • Brand Monitoring 5 Project.
  • SEO 5oo keywords
  • Seo content template 1 template 30 keywords.
  • Content audite 50 page and 5 porject.

Guru Plan

  • Unlimited Topic Research.
  • Marketing calendar 1
  • Brand monitoring 50 keywords, 3 camping, 5 location, 3-month historical data.
  • SEO 800 keywords
  • SEO content template unlimited template and 30 keywords.
  • Content audit 20k pages and 50 project
  • Post tracking 50 URLs

Business Plan

  • Unlimited topic research.
  • Marketing calendar unlimited.
  • Brand monitoring of 200 projects.
  • SEO 2000 keywords.
  • SEO Content Template
  • Unlimited Seo content template and 30 keywords per Maximum content template.
  • Content audit 20k Pages audit and 200 projects.
  • Post tracking 50 URLs

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SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit 2 Best alternative.

Some best alternatives to the SEMrush Content  Marketing toolkit. which very cheapest cost.

  1. Buzzsumo
  2. Contet Expoler Ahrefs


Buzzsuo best SEMrush content marketing toolkit alternative. this tool is a popular content marketing SEO tool.
You can use Buzzsumo content marketing tools to generate Content ideas topics, Monitor Your content Performance. You can discover any topic ideas Just second.
Some of the features for Buzzsumo tools.

  • Content Analyze report
  • Backlinks
  • Domain reports
  • Influence Search
  • Question analyze
  • Youtube Analyze
  • Facebook analyzes

How much does it cost? Buzzsumo Content marketing tools.
Buzzsumo currently offers Your 4 plan. below is listed.
Pro: This plan You can add 5 users Which Cost You $99 per month. Where You can add your plan 5 projects.
Plus: This plan You can add 10 users Which cost You $179 per month. Where You can add your plan 10 projects.
Large: This plan You can add 15 users Which cost You $299 per month. where you can add your plan 10 projects.
Enterprise: This plan You can add 30 users which cost you $499 per month. where You can add your plan 10 projects.
Buzzsumo all plans in. You can unlimited search. If you want to Try buzz sumo. Buzzsumo not offer you free Plan But click below this link. You can try buzz sumo 7 days trail.
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Content Explorer Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best alternatives for the SfEMrush content marketing toolkit. If you want Advance content marketing. You can try content Explore Ahrefs.
If you want to learn How to content Explorer in Ahrefs. Most before going to Ahrefs dashboard and Clicks content explorer tools.
Just Enter any topic ideas and Click Search. Content explore You will discover a lot of keyword ideas which is a very popular topic and trending.
Some features content Explored Ahrefs.

  • You can analyze Content Explorer Ahrefs in Top performing content research in any industry and niche.
  • You can discover Seo metrics any web pages and websites. therefore including organic traffic, links, referral, and social shares, etc.
  • You can easily discover content website trends.
  • You can see any website and niches and find broken link opportunities gives for Content explorer Ahrefs.
  • You can see Which site Yet Not link any website.

How much does it cost? Content Explorer Ahrefs.
Ahrefs offers Currently 4 plans.
Lite: This plan Greate For Beginners and You can add This Plan 1 users Which cost for You $99 per month. Where You can add your plan 5 projects.
Standard: This plan Greate For Small business and You can add this plan 1 users which cost for your $179 per month. You can add Your plan 10 projects.
Advance: This plan Great for Agency and you can add this plan 3 users Which cost for You $399 per month. You can add your plan to 25 projects.
Agency: This also plans greater Agencies and You can add This plan 5 users Which Cost for you $999 per month. You can add your plan to 100 projects.
If you want Try Ahrefs Content to explore tools Ahrefs Does not available for the free plan. But just offer for You. You can try Ahrefs 7 days $7 trail. You can use this tool Ahrefs free $7 in 7 days.
You can read this article
Ahrefs Vs SEMrush Which is the Best Seo tools.
Top 1o SEMrush cheaper alternative.

FAQ Related Question On SEMrush content Marketing toolkit.

1. What is  Content Marketing Platform?

Content Marketing Platform(CMP) This is the next company to make software or website. where You can do content marketing.
Means Topic research, Content optimization, Brand monitoring, SEO ideas, SEO units, and many more features.  These features make People help Know content marketing strategy learn.

2. Is the SEMrush Content Marketing toolkit free?

Yes, SEMrush content Marketing toolkit absolutely free You can use these 7 days in free. With this free trial, You can access semrush many features.
As Semrush keyword magic tools, on-page SEO, daily ranking your keyword, backlink analyzes, and so on. Use this link Start SEMrus 7 days trail.

3. What is the example of content?

Semrush content marketing toolkit. A defined word article that writes on your blog post.
As an example of content Ebook, blog article, health article, technology-related article, video content that health video these all examples of content.

4. What is the brand Monotring tool from SEMrush?

Brand monitoring tool SEMrush help Your Brand mention Your name online. Go to SEMrush and click brand morning.
You can set up a brand/name/website/Product/app and You can track daily all these Mentions on daily bases.

5. What is Content Marketing Examples?

There are many types of Content marketing examples as Video content, Books, email, infographics, visual content, blog article these all content marketing examples.
Means Which content marketing way You can generate more sales and leads.

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