13 Best Chrome extension for bloggers & Students (2021)

Best chrome extension for bloggers

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the. Which every blogger uses. Every blogger uses the
best chrome extensions for bloggers. We extract information from the Internet by using the best  Chrome extensions for bloggers. Do you know? This best chrome extension for bloggers product if you do it once.  I will think of doing it again and again because its product is very good.

Let me tell you this is just for Blogger. Which will help you in doing keyword research? What position do you rank your article on? He will tell you.

  1. Similar web
  2. Fatrank
  3. Moz
  4. Keyword Everywhere
  5. Screencastify
  6. Full page screen Capture
  7. Semrush
  8. Grammarly
  9. Keyword surfer
  10. Check My Link
  11. Seo minion
  12. Redirect path
  13. SEOquake

Similar web

best chrome extensions for bloggers
Similar Web maintains every blogger to do a Most popular Alexa Rank check

the best chrome extensions for bloggers SEO for the website You have to know the monthly traffic of any website. So with the help of that, you can check the traffic of a website. You can check the traffic of any country or website of any country. Especially with the help of similar web software, it is very helpful for the blogger. Every blogger does it. You too must do it. You will also get a lot of downloads on the extension Chrome Web Store. best chrome extensions for bloggers.


best chrome extensions for bloggers

Fatrank check ranking of a website if your blogger is reading this post. google chrome extension this google chrome extension is going to be very special for them. Because every blogger works on their keywords and writes this article post. But he does not know. On which page of Google my article is ranking. But you can know with the help of the best chrome extensions for bloggers.


What page of Google is your article ranking on? All you have to do is go to the Google web store. He should add the Extranc extension to his Google Chrome. Write your keyword on it, check the page of Google on which you will have an article, this software will tell you the software. best chrome extensions for bloggers.

The socks

With the help of the Moz Google chrome extension, you use it to do keyword research. This is Google's best platform. What you use it for. So it is best for those people especially for whom by SEO you can rank your article very well.

Keyword Everywhere

In Keyword Everywhere, you can find the search volume and CPC of any keyword. When you add it to your Chrome and SEO rankings check. So he sees you below the search bar. It helps a lot in your SEO. This is the top and best chrome for extensions bloggers. Every blogger likes to do it.


Screencastifiy if you make youtube videos. So this extension is very best for you. Because in this you can record your screen video very comfortably. Every single YouTuber uses it. You can also see its download. Because this software gives you a quality screen recorder. best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Full page screen capture

If your blogger somehow gives you a screen capture of a photo, you can easily edit it in a very good way by screen capturing a laptop or a website. This screen capture makes your photo attractive. This is what every big blogger does to you. You must do it because this software is very good and good. I use the same software to insert or edit photos in a book blog google chrome extension and google insight VPN.


Semrush This tool is a paid tool is

search engine listing best chrome extensions for bloggers.

So you can use this tool. Use of Semrush, you can see the backlinks of any website. I can see his Alexa rank. You can keyword research and SEO checker while writing your article. The authority of any domine and its organic traffic can be seen. best chrome extensions for bloggers.

Semrush free trial 7 days free pro account

11 best keywords everywhere alternatives chrome extension 


Whatever word of your article is wrong. With the help of this, you can improve your word. Your word is Grammarly wrong. Which you can improve very easily. This can save your article from spelling mistakes to your reader. And you can improve the grammar. You can definitely use Grammarly in your own article.

Keyword surfer

best chrome extensions for bloggers

It gives you keyword information. It appears next to your search bar. You can also check the traffic of keywords related to Seo and backlink to any website. Keyword Surfer is a free tool. Which is absolutely free. best chrome extensions for bloggers.
You can do this keyword surfer.

Check my link

This extension checks

index a page

your domino link. How many websites is your Dominame connected to? By which you can increase your organic traffic by doing it. This tool helps you to know the number of your backlinks. You can use this tool. You must add it to your Chrome extension.

Seo Minon

You can also see the traffic to your domine in a very easy way. It helps a lot to Seo your website. Indicates the loading speed of your website. With which you can check easily with the help of this tool.
Seo is very important for a blog on this website. With which you can bring organic visitors to your website. With the help of this tool, you can increase the traffic of your blog.

Redirect path

With the help of the redirect path, you can find out about your website very easily. If your website is safe or not, this tool will give you a red sign if you do not have https on your website, it will give you a green signal if you have https on your website. It tells the address of your website. Which server do you do that so that you can understand your SEO very easily google chrome extensions

Seo quake

The best chrome extensions for bloggers SEO Quake describes the internal link to your website. Indicates your Google index page number. How much your page has been indexed on Google. How much your peg is indexed in your Alexa rank bing. It shows your rank in SEMrush The tool is very good and beautiful. As the name suggests. Seo quake you must try it.

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