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John kumar paswan 


Let me, introduce self quickly

my name is john Kumar Paswan I belong at live in Bihar (India)

The part-time blogger and I am a guided blog founder about me an affiliate marketer, blogging, entrepreneur and SEO expert help you knowledge success for blogging.

currently, I am running a guide blog affiliate marketer blog. I will give you information about better products in this blog. So that gives you complete good information about blogging.

Let us talk about Information tech.

I am the founder of the guide log. Help you create a successful blog. You will get motivation from this who is a new blogger. Tells them about a good concept.

Lets talks about this blog

In this blog, you will get reviews of hosting and deals which. It allows you to buy hosting from a good company. Which helps you to buy good and good hosting. Due to which you get this concept.

If you are thinking of starting blogging. So this guide blog will help you all the way. To start a new blog guide blog.

You can tell me more about me. You can find more information on twitter, quora, Instagram.

                                  My story`

[John kumar paswan John Kumar Paswan[/caption]


I started a blog. When I had a new laptop in 2018. That day I was learning typing on my laptop. But I was thinking Let me do something like this on a laptop.

So that I can help people. Then I started doing research about it. But I did not know anything. What should I do, how should I do One day when I was watching YouTube. So show me a video in which it was written.

Earn money sitting online by doing part-time jobs. I immediately clicked on that video as I was searching for this thing.

To help people. I saw in this video that you can start a blog and give you your information online.

Plus you can earn money by writing articles. I thought that this is a good thing. You can earn money sitting at home while helping people. The same day I started my new blog. Which was on Blogger.

I named that blog information tech. I then started a dominee name itinformation.online which I still work on that blog.

Thanks for reading my story

Your new friend from now my nickname (Adrash Kumar)

John kumar paswan

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